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WSDOM and XML Technolgoy

Radian Systems, Inc. Releases XML- Based Products:

WSDOM XML-Xpress™ and WSDOM XML-Portal™

March 17, 1999 (Alexandria, VA) - Radian Systems, Inc. today announced the extension of its WSDOM family of products by releasing two software applications, WSDOM XML-Xpress™ and WSDOM XML-Portal™, based on the Internet XML standard. These advanced applications, built around eXtensible Markup Language (XML), provide the means to take legacy data in any form and distribute it via the Internet. The products will be shown for the first time by the company at the AIIM ’99 Show in Atlanta, GA, April 13-15, Booth 1347.

"With the WSDOM family of products, Radian Systems makes it possible to take paper, microfilm, electronic documents, or legacy data from any source and make it easily accessible," said Ken Tighe, President of Radian Systems. "It allows businesses to share information with their customers, suppliers and business partners, and also conduct EDI based on the open language and platform-free XML standard," he added.

WSDOM XML-Xpress allows companies to take information from virtually any legacy database or application and transform it to XML-tagged files. XML permits developers to define "metadata" (information about information) yielding more accurate and faster Web searches, plus it permits businesses to share information easily because XML is based on standard vocabularies. This data then becomes widely accessible via any standard Internet or Intranet browser.

WSDOM XML-Portal serves as a repository and manager for XML-tagged data. It is the entry point to an organization where users can configure and view personalized information using a Web browser. WSDOM XML-Portal delivers fast and accurate search results without having to access separate and diverse data sources.

"The release of WSDOM XML-Xpress and XML-Portal signifies Radian Systems’ commitment to present and emerging standards," said Mark Mandel, Vice President of Business Development. "The company is now poised to help enterprises integrate data from their different knowledge sources and make it available on an Internet or Intranet Portal. These new applications in the WSDOM family of products are very powerful tools," he said.

Radian Systems will also be showing its new WSDOM Capture™ 2.2 release at AIIM ‘99. WSDOM Capture is a proven production post-scan application installed at companies such as, Prudential Investments, State of Texas Office of the Comptroller, First Trust, Veterans Business Administration, among others. The software is based on modular Windows NT clients that perform Image Enhancement, Quality Assurance, Rework, OCR, Indexing and Export to various document management systems such as Eastman Software, FileNet, Optika, and PC Docs. WSDOM Capture 2.2 is built on an object-oriented architecture, and has the highest versatility, throughput capacity, and fault tolerance available in the image capture market.

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