SGML: EZ Introductions to SGML

SGML: EZ Introductions to SGML (QUE Book)

Subject: EZ Introductions to SGML
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 16:25:17 -0500
From: Len Bullard (
Newsgroup: comp.text.sgml
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Another post guaranteed to get me in a fight with someone... sigh... There have been several posts lately complaining about the lack of gentler introductions to SGML. There are some on the Net, such as the TEI work. I've reading SGML" by Colby and Jackson with guest appearances by DeRose, Durand, duCharme, and Mylonas. I like this book. I am not an SGML beginner, but unless one does the hard parts day in and out, it slips away. I've found this to be a good introduction to the basics (which do most of the work, folks) and a very good exposition of many of the issues for using SGML on the web, where advanced hyperlinking is beneficial, what to make of HyTime and HyperG, how to relate HTML and SGML, etc. It makes good use of the Microstar Near and Far trees in the way we used them in the Navy MID documents. So, if you are really serious about learning about SGML, plunk down the $50 and buy this. It is an easy read, does not give you a headache with too much too fast, and has lots of examples and a CD-ROM with working software. All in all, a level headed, sane introduction to a difficult subject without a consultant.... cheaper too. Sometimes you DO get more than you pay for. len bullard