Qorx - XML from ODBC-based SQL query

Author:      Alex Brown
Email:       alexb@griffinbrown.co.uk
Date:        998/08/24
Newsgroups:  comp.text.sgml, comp.text.xml

Qorx is a Win32 command-line application which runs a SQL query against a database using ODBC, and displays the resulting recordset as well-formed XML.

The idea is, that combined with a styling script, Qorx offers a quick 'n' easy way to repurpose the contents of databases.

Qorx is copyright Griffin Brown Digital Publishing Ltd. In practice its license permits free reuse.

Qorx 0.1 Alpha (125K zip file including C++ source) is available at:


Any help, bug reports & suggestion gratefully received!

- Alex

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