Mailing list for XML and Python

Subject:      Mailing list for XML and Python
From: (A.M. Kuchling)
Date:         1998/03/17
Newsgroups:   comp.text.sgml,comp.text


A mailing list has been created for discussing XML and Python, with
the goal of developing a set of Python tools for processing XML
documents.  See below for the list's mission statement, and the
planned deliverables.

        To join the list, you can use the Mailman Web interface at

        Alternatively, you can send an email with the word "subscribe"
in either the subject line or the body of the message, to .

        There seems to be a lot of interest in XML from the Python
community, and development will probably be fast; prototype
implementations of the Document Object Model (DOM) and Simple API for
XML (SAX) have already appeared.


XML-SIG: A Special Interest Group for XML Processing in Python

This list has been created to provide a forum for discussion and
implementation of tools to make Python an excellent choice for XML
processing.  The goal of this SIG is to decide what software is
required for this purpose, and coordinate its implementation and

Concrete goals of the first mandate should include:

        * The glue code required to use existing C/Java XML
parsers from CPython/JPython, and the appropriate documentation.

        * An XML-HOWTO which provides an overview of Python and XML

        * Implementations of the DOM (Document Object Model) and SAX
(Simple API for XML)

        * As work progresses, the community may realize that other
deliverables are required, and add them to the list of goals.

Wrap-up date: September 1998.
This date may be extended if the SIG community decides that more work
is required.


A.M. Kuchling         
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