Subject:      ps2java
From: (Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor)
Date:         1998/04/12
Message-ID:   <>
Newsgroups:   comp.text.sgml


I have just finished ps2java 1.0.0.

ps2java is a series of DSSSL style sheets that create a series of Java
interfaces and classes from a property set.  ps2java uses (abuses?) Jade's
SGML backend to create a list of classes which is split into a series
of individual files using an Java program included called Split.

ps2java comes with two main style sheets. ps2intrfc.dsssl is a style
sheet that creates the Java interfaces. ps2impl.dsssl is a style sheet
that creates a partial implementation of these interfaces. It is only
a partial implementation because the resulting classes contain only
methods for reading data. They have no methods for creating the classes
or altering them.

System Requirements

To use the ps2java style sheets requires James Clark's program Jade and
JDK 1.1.  It may run under JDK 1.0 but I have not tested it.

After looking the results of running ps2java on the SGML property set,
I am not sure how useful it is.  After installation, generating the
java, building it, and generating the docs for the SGML property set
5.6 megabytes of disk space is used up.  The generated classes and
interfaces are big.  The size concerns me.  Perhaps just using a small
general grove API like the NodeAdt class I provide is the way to go.

On the other hand, by using this interface, an application can cut
corners to save space or computing power when implementing the SGML
property set API.  It is big because the property set is big.

Anyhow, this project has allowed me to learn some DSSSL, and if anything,
the generated docs are fun to look at.

Russell O'Connor                 
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