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Technical Implementation Issues

Electronic Display Issues Contribute Electronic Delivery and Display Issues to DTD Design
- Ensure that SGML DTD takes future HTML development into consideration (style sheets).
- Allow for current display and future implementations. (sub and superscripts, tables, greek letters, math symbols)
- DTD must allow on-the-fly SGML to HTML conversion.

Image Specifications Study and Outline Image Specifications for Electronic Display
- Work with CUP personnel to standardize image scanning.
- Determine transfer rate of different sized images (varying dimension and resolution).

Software Tools Install and Create Software Tools
- Install public-domain and commercial software as need to enable/enhance delivery/display (wwwstat, kidofwais, print_bold, mapedit, pat2www, freeWAIS, gopher+, html-check, giftrans, OpenText, Motif)
- Be aware of software limitations (gopher text transfer size).
- Write scripts/programs as needed for conversion, file modification. (copyright insertion, carriage-return insertion, SGML-to-Medline, mail-form cgi's, SGML-to-HTML conversion).

Web Page Maintenance Create and Modify Web Pages
- Create information pages to provide general protein science information, EPS information, and Web/Browser info.
- Maintain Web pages as technology/info changes.
- Assist others in creation of homepages and preparing their EPS offering for the Web site.
- Markup other's work for mounting on server (Mage, ProTeach).

Display Quality Control Electronic Display Quality Control
-Verify that all documents on the server are HTML 2.0 compliant. Place HTML 2.0 compliance icon on every page.
- Verify that SGML articles parse with the EPS DTD (for indexing) and that the on-the-fly HTML converted article is HTML 2.0 compliant (for display).

Train Peers Training Peers to Work in a Networked Environment
- Use email and ftp to enable communication and electronic file transfer of images and articles.
- Provide information about computer networking to enable others to rethink communication and their way of doing business.
- Production work done at UCI is transferred to CUP personnel. File directories are created and article and image files are placed in appropriate locations.
- CUP personnel to verify article parsing for SGML (for indexing) and HTML (for display) compliance.
- HTML Markup training.

Design Considerations Basic Design Considerations
- Continually research new technologies to added value to EPS.
- How to keep scientific journal scholarly, yet interesting to younger users.
- Design with little to no human intervention required.

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