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Cambridge University Press Implementation Issues

Design DTD Design Parsable SGML DTD for Electronic Protein Science
- Create a parsable DTD that satisfies EPS and can be used by the printed journal if possible.
- Work with a consultant to ensure that the SGML DTD is parsable.
- Work around the lack of greek/math and sub/superscript Web display possibilities.
- Expect continued development of DTD.

Image Specification Develop Image Specification Standards for Graphics Production
- Investigate how to predetermine image scanning requirements (size and resolution).
- Try to minimize the number of images for each in-line/external image.
- Specify the division or merging of images when image is too large (tables) or too small(equations).

Training Train CUP Personnel in SGML Based Electronic Publishing Tasks
- Standardize article SGML markup process and train others.

Software and Networks Implement Software Applications and Network Communications
- Work in an electronic environment by using email and ftp.
- Understand basic file directory structure for article and image posting on the Web Server.
- Use parsing software for article verification (sgmls, Wordperfect for SGML).

Electronic Publishing Develop SGML Based Electronic Publishing Process
- Develop standards for electronic manuscripts received from authors.
- Use of standard applications for author artwork creation.
- Have tools on hand to convert from author's application to a more standard application for electronic production.
- Expect continued development of DTD and Electronic Publishing system as technology advances.
- Strive to publish both electronic and printed journals with one system.
- Convert articles from printed version SGML markup to electronic version SGML markup. (Tables and figures are located at the end of the printed version article and in-line for the electronic version.)

Electronic Publishing Issues Basic Electronic Publishing Considerations
- Standardize and automate editorial and production process as much as possible.
- Lessen human intervention in composition. (Compositor uses hand-written notes to understand typesetting requirements.)

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