Announcing PrismEd - Configurable Metadata Editor

To:, Andrew.Waugh@cmis.CSIRO.AU
Subject:  Announcing PrismEd (a configurable metadata editor)
Date:     Sat, 05 Sep 1998 15:07:08 +1000
From:     Andrew Waugh <Andrew.Waugh@cmis.CSIRO.AU>

Dear all,

Some of you may be interested in trying PrismEd. PrismEd is a configurable metadata editor which will cope with structured metadata values. Schema files are provided for Dublin Core (in French and English), and ANZLIC. It produces RDF, and will read the RDF it produces (but I don't claim that it can read arbitrary RDF!).

You can view the documentation for PrismEd at:

If you have a reasonably modern web browser (with Java 1.1), you can try PrismEd as an applet at:

If you prefer, you can download the PrismEd class files and run it locally using anonymous ftp:

I'd be very interested in bug reports, additional features that people might be interested in, etc.

andrew waugh