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Carol Curry
Vice President, Marketing
POET Software Corporation

POET Software'S Object Database and XML Repository Support Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

San Mateo, California --September 2, 1998 -- POET Software, a leading vendor of object databases and XML repositories, today announced that its POET Object Server Suite and POET Content Management Suite provide full support for the Microsoft® Visual Studio™ 6.0 development system.

POET Object Server Suite 5.1 (POET OSS) provides a seamless mechanism for storing Java and C++ objects without requiring the disassembly and mapping required by relational databases. According to Meta Group, this reduces source code by 60%, facilitating faster time to market. POET OSS also includes a tool called SQL Object Factory, which allows Visual StudioU96based applications built on POET OSS to seamlessly persist their objects in Microsoft SQL Server™, Oracle or IBM DB/2 databases without any modification or recompilation. POET OSS is the best solution for Windows®-based applications: because it is optimized for Windows platforms, POET OSS offers superior integration, the smallest kernel and the best performance.

POET Content Management Suite 1.0 (POET CMS), built upon the POET OSS, is a complete solution for XML storage, access and manipulation. POET CMS provides an XML database server, an XML management client and an SDK. The server and the client provide end-users with an out-of-the-box XML content management solution. The SDK provides developers with APIs for both the application layer and the underlying database, providing complete flexibility to extend or alter its functionality. In addition, POET CMS user interfaces are implemented as COM objects that can be easily plugged into applications for rapid prototyping and application development. Developers can also embed the entire functionality of POET CMS in their applications. So, whether you need an out-of-the-box solution, pre-built XML-savvy COM objects or a complete embedded XML repository, POET CMS provides the solution you need.

"POET's object database and XML repository provide the ideal solution for developers using Microsoft Visual Studio to build enterprise-capable applications whether they are using C++ objects, Java objects, XML objects or any combination of these," said Dirk Bartels, president and CEO of POET Software. "POET's tight integration with Microsoft Visual Studio makes it the best solution for native persistence of your objects today and into the future."

"POET supports Visual Studio 6.0 by providing an easy solution for adding database functionality to your Java and C++ applications," said Paul Gross, vice president of development tools at Microsoft Corp. "By extending this solution to provide rich support for XMLU97a natural fit for object databasesU97POET helps enterprise developers quickly build high-performance applications based on the Windows Distributed interNet Architecture (Windows DNA) with Visual Studio."

About Microsoft Visual Studio

POET Software is one of many companies announcing support for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. Visual Studio 6.0 Professional Edition is a comprehensive suite of industry-leading development tools for building business applications for the Windows NT® Server network operating system, including client/server, multitier and Web-based solutions. Visual Studio 6.0 Professional Edition features the Visual Basic® 6.0 development system, the Visual C++® 6.0 development system, the Visual J++™ 6.0 development system for Java, the Visual InterDev™ 6.0 Web development system, the Visual FoxPro® 6.0 database development system, Windows NT Option Pack and the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN™) Library CD-ROM. Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition is the complete suite for rapidly building scalable enterprise solutions. The Enterprise Edition comes with all the components of the Professional Edition and also includes key enterprise and team development features designed to help developers r apidly build scalable, distributed applications that can be easily integrated with existing enterprise systems and applications. More information on Visual Studio 6.0 is available at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio.

About Microsoft's Enterprise Development Tools Partner Program

POET Software Corporation is a member of Microsoft's unique Enterprise Development Tools Partner (EDP) program. A premier tier of the MSDN ISV program, the EDP program is a strategic alliance of Microsoft and vendors of enterprise development tools. Working together with Microsoft, the Enterprise Partners deliver premier tools to corporate development customers, helping them build enterprise-class solutions with Visual Studio and the Windows NT platform. For more information about the program, visit the http://www.microsoft.com/edevpartner/ site.

About POET Software

POET Software is the leading provider of object databases for Windows NT, providing unique value for packaged applications and embedded systems that require performance, scalability, small footprint and zero administration overhead. The company is capitalizing upon the powerful combination of its core database competency plus its expertise in providing SGML/XML solutions to drive innovation fueled by the XML technology wave. POET's new Content Management Suite is the leading solution enabling development of next-generation Web and eCommerce applications. POET's award-winning technology is used by developers in leading companies throughout the U.S. and Europe. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., and can be reached at the POET Web site, www.poet.com.

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