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PODDP'98 Preliminary Program

  • Sunday, March 29, 1330-1600
    Session 1: "Document models and structures"
  • Opening remarks, Charles Nicholas and Derick Wood
  • Makoto Murata, "Data model for document transformation and assembly"
  • Xinxin Wang and Derick Wood, "A Conceptual Model for Tables"
  • Helena Ahonen, Barbara Heikkinen, and Oskari Heinonen, Jani Jaakkola, and Mika Klemettinen, "Analysis of document structures for element type classifcation"
  • Mingfan Wu and Ross Wilkinson, "Using document relationships for better answers"
  • Monday, March 30, 0900-1130
    Session 2: "Characterization of Documents and Corpora"
  • Javed Aslam, Katya Pelekhov, and Daniela Rus, "Generating, Visualizing, and Evaluating High-Quality Clusters for Information Organization"
  • Myatev Erdenechimeg, Richard Moore, and Yumbaar Namsrai, "On the specification of the display of documents in multilingual computing"
  • Charles Nicholas and Randall Dahlberg, "Spotting topics with the singular value decomposition"
  • Laura Mather, "A Linear Algebra Approach to Language Identification"
  • Monday, March 30, 1330-1600
    Session 3: "Accessing Collections of Documents"
  • Holger Meuss, "Indexed Tree Matching with Complete Answer Representations"
  • Laure Berti, Jean-Luc Damoiseaux, and Elisabeth Murisasco, "Combining the Power of Query Languages and Search Engines for On-line Document and Information Retrieval: the QIRi@D Environment"
  • Bill Wadge, Taner Yildirim, and Gord Brown, "Intensional HTML"
  • Anne Brueggemann-Klein, Stefan Hermann, and Derick Wood, "Context and Caterpillars and Structured Documents"