Patrologia Latina Database

No single collection of Western philosophical and theological writings is comparable to the Patrologiae Cursus Completus, the extraordinary achievement of the nineteenth-century ecclesiastical publisher Jacques-Paul Migne.

The Patrologia is divided into the Patrologia Latina and the Patrologia Graeco-Latina. The Patrologia Latina covers the works of the Latin Fathers from Tertullian in 200 A.D. to Pope Innocent III in 1216. In 221 volumes it covers most major and minor Latin authors and contains the most influential works of late ancient and early medieval theology, philosophy, history, and literature. The works of a variety of figures are included - Hilary, Ambrose, Jerome, Boethius, Isidore, Bede, Peter Damian, Bernard, Augustine, Peter Lombard and Peter Chrysologus amongst hundreds of others.

The Patrologia Latina Database is the full-text electronic version of the Patrologia Latina, including all prefatory material, original texts, critical apparatus and indexes. Illustrations are also included, as are Migne's column numbers - essential references for researchers.

The Patrologia Latina Database provides countless new opportunities for research. Theories can be tested with speed and accuracy unimaginable with printed editions. Concordances can be compiled more easily and quickly than ever before. The works of hundreds of writers can be compared. Concepts can be tracked across more than 1,000 years.

The Patrologia Latina Database will make an enormous difference to the work of scholars of patristics, theology, medieval history or Latin. In many other disciplines in the humanities, from philosophy and medieval languages to the history of art and the history of medicine, it will make a significant contribution to research. No other full-text database in the humanities serves so many disciplines in so many ways.

The Patrologia Latina Database is being published in five releases. The fourth release, containing 157 of the 221 volumes is available. The fifth and final release will be published in October 1995.

Every purchaser of the CD-ROM edition receives three complete sets, enabling its use both in the library and within individual departments. The Patrologia Latina Database is also available on magnetic tape.