Subject: Re: Pinnacles authoring
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 10:08:42 GMT
From: Bob Yencha <>
Newsgroup: comp.text.sgml
--------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Cox wrote: > > I would like to hear from anybody who is authoring Pinnacles compliant > documentation. I guess I qualify. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Bob Yencha, one of the founders of the Pinnacles Group, Staff Systems Analyst and SGML technical lead at National Semiconductor. > > What SGML authoring tool are you using; and why? At NS, we are using SoftQuad and ArborText, both of which have been customized to support the "source and reflection" portion of the Pinnacles DTDs (modified for internal use, but mappable to PCIS v1.2) It was a cultural (and platform support issue) that prompted us to customize both tools. Basically, in this company the engineers _are_ the authors, and are resistant to solutions where they have no choices. We also had (originally) a need to support Mac (PowerPC), PC (Windows 3.1, '95, and NT), Sun OS, and HPUX. Most licenses to date have been for Windows and PowerPC (thus SoftQuad). NT has been making inroads against Unix in non-design areas, and we sold the division that was using HPUX. Both have identical functionality, but different interface approaches to source entry and reflection processes. It is a matter of personal preference on the part of the users which one they will work with. > Are you exchanging documents with other companies (requiring Pinnacles > compliance) in SGML or in the authoring tool format? Not quite yet, we are just now creating documents that contain source, with our first batch going thru a validation process. We have not yet transformed these from our internal authoring DTDs to PCIS v1.2. I expect to be able to take this next step within a month or so. > We are trying to design an SGML environment for a UK based > semiconductor manufacturer. Here there be tygers, as the saying goes. Implementing SGML in such a fast-paced engineering environment is both frustrating and rewarding. The stories I could tell... Best of Luck! > Thanks You're Welcome, let me know how things are progressing if you have a moment. Best regards, --------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Yencha v - 207 775 8736 Staff Systems Analyst f - 207 775 8745 National Semiconductor "There are no mistakes..." - Miles Davis ---------------------------------------------------------------------