SGML: The Pinnacles Initiative

SGML: The Pinnacles Initiative

Abstract of the White Paper "The Pinnacles Initiative," by ATLIS Consulting Group. From the SGML Open WWW Server: [White Papers, Abstacts].

The Pinnacles Initiative

by ATLIS Consulting Group, a member of SGML Open

Five major semiconductor manufacturers-Intel, National Semiconductor, Philips Semiconductors, Texas Instruments and Hitachi Microsystems-have joined together to create a technical information interchange standard for use by the electronic components industry. The Pinnacles Initiative defines the information interchange standard that enables electronic components manufacturers to create Electronic Data Books (EDBs), detailing specific electronic components (such as active and passive components, materials and connectors).

The interchange standard does not define what information each company must publish, only how to tag information so that other companies can easily find and extract it. The Pinnacles Group has decided to develop the application standard using SGML.

This white paper defines the Pinnacles Initiative and its objectives in detail. It explains how and why major semiconductor manufacturers chose SGML as the basis for their interchange standard. It includes a timeline for Pinnacles development and implementation, a glossary of associated acronyms and a list of sources for additional information.