SGML: Pinnacles Group and Electronic Data Books

SGML: Pinnacles Group and Electronic Data Books

Here is the press release that went out on the PG.  There have been two EETimes
articles that mention this activity: June 28, 1993, pg 14 "IC Vendors pursue
data-book standard" and July 26, 1993 pg 1 "Calling 555-data" sub-titled "Parts
information is going on-line".  The second is an article about the INFO/ASPECT/
ViewPoint/IHS/etc end of things. They quote Jeff Barton and mention the PG.  


Bob Yencha


Intel: Sandra Duncan  408-765-6005
National Semiconductor: LuAnn Jenkins  408-721-2440
Philips Semiconductors: Melissa Jones  +31-40-724070
Texas Instruments: Ted Jernigan  214-997-5467


SANTA CLARA, CA (June 7, 1993) -- Design engineers, who 
have long struggled with stacks of paper-based data books to 
compare electronic components for various equipment 
applications, may soon get relief -- as well as increased 
productivity -- with the adoption of a standard format for 
electronic file interchange of Electronic Data Books (EDBs).

Last week four major semiconductor vendors completed the first 
of a series of information analysis sessions necessary to create an 
interchange standard for computer-sensible electronic component 
information. The standard's first draft release is scheduled for 
public comment in February 1994 with Version 1.0 following 
soon after. The four vendors, collectively known as the Pinnacles 
Group, are Intel, National Semiconductor, Philips Semiconductors 
and Texas Instruments.

"Computer-sensible component information will lower 
companies' component evaluation costs, improve product quality, 
allow customers to quickly compare components, and streamline 
the design-in process," said Bob Yencha, spokesperson for the 
Pinnacles Group. "We are taking the first steps in realizing this 
goal by developing a standard, non-proprietary solution for 
exchanging technical information. We believe this standard will 
allow semiconductor vendors to produce EDBs cost effectively," 
Yencha explained.

EDBs will be electronic versions of current data books, enhanced 
with computer-sensible parametric and modeling information. 
This will allow information to flow freely among manufacturers 
and customers in both human and machine-readable forms. This 
common form will support both traditional paper-based 
publishing, emerging electronic publishing, and electronic design 
automation (EDA) systems.

Conceived in April 1992, the Pinnacles Group grew out of the 
membership of the Electronic Data Book Working Group, one of 
several groups formed by the CAD Framework Initiative (CFI). 
The purpose of the Pinnacles Group is to speed the development 
of the EDB interchange standard by funding the process. The 
group plans to place this standard in the public domain as early as 

"The CFI Component Information Representation Committee 
welcomes the Pinnacles Group SGML Application Standard 
effort. The CFI consensus building process will aid the Pinnacles 
work in being available to the industry," said Joseph Flanigan, 
member of the CFI Technical Coordinating Committee.

The standard will comply with ISO 8879, Standard Generalized 
Markup Language (SGML), and will consist of a Tag Library and 
one or more Document Type Definitions (DTDs) developed after 
intensive document analysis and information modeling sessions. 
The sessions will be conducted at each company's site using 
company-provided documents, engineers, publications personnel 
and end users.

Other organizations which have successfully implemented 
standards based on SGML include the Air Transport 
Association/Airline Industry Association, the Association of 
American Publishers, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the 
Open Software Foundation (OSF).

For additional information, readers may write or call:
Pinnacles Literature #Z107
P.O. Box 7641
Mt. Prospect, IL   60056-7641.
(708) 296-5460, 
                                                    # # #


Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is an international 
manufacturer of microcomputer components, modules and 

National Semiconductor Corporation is a leading manufacturer of 
semiconductors and semiconductor intensive products. 
Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, the company employs 24,000 
worldwide and is a global leader in mixed analog and digital 

Philips Semiconductors, a division of Philips Electronics N.V. of 
The Netherlands, is Europe's largest supplier of semiconductors. 
Its products include a wide range of standard and application- 
specific discrete semiconductors and integrated circuits for 
consumer, communication, computing and control applications. 
Philips Semiconductors operates 15 factories in 12 countries 
worldwide and employs about 19,000 persons.

Texas Instruments Semiconductor Group has combined a breadth 
of silicon technologies, hardware and software development tools, 
design information services and worldwide support to help its 
customers move to their next level of integration faster and with 
betters systems. TI's Total Integration (tm) capabilities attract 
teacher-customers from around the world, giving TI system 
expertise to enable differentiation of its customers' products in 
key end equipment market segments, including computer, 
communications, consumer electronics, automotive, military and 


Sandra Duncan, Media Relations Manager
2200 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119

LuAnn Jenkins, Corporate Communications Specialist
National Semiconductor
2900 Semiconductor Dr., MS 16-300
Santa Clara CA 95052

Melissa Jones, Manager, Marketing Communications
Philips Semiconductors
Building BAF-1 P.O. Box 218
5600 MD Eindhoven The Netherlands
+31 40 74 4070

Ted Jernigan, Media Relations Semiconductor Group
Texas Instruments Incorporated
P.O. Box 65503, MS 8322
Dallas, TX 75265-5503
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