Version 2.23 of Perl module XML::Parser Released

Date:       Wed, 28 Apr 1999 10:37:55 -0400
From:       "Cooper, Clark (CORP, Consultant)" <>
To:         "''" <>
Subject:    Version 2.23 of Perl module XML::Parser released

I've uploaded version 2.23 of XML::Parser to CPAN. The specific URL is:

XML::Parser is a non-validating XML parser based on James Clark's expat library.

This version has some bug fixes, performance enhancements, a new version of expat, and a new Expat method.


The is_defaulted method introduced in version 2.20 has been inactivated. The functionality it provided is now available in the specified_attr method of XML::Parser::Expat:


  When the start handler receives lists of attributes and values, the
  non-defaulted (i.e. explicitly specified) attributes occur in the list
  first. This method returns the number of specified items in the list
  (of the most recent call of the start tag handler.) So if this number is
  equal to the length of the list, there were no defaulted values.
  Otherwise the number points to the index of the first defaulted attribute

Here's the most recent part of the Changes file:

2.23 Mon Apr 26 21:30:28 EDT 1999
        - Fixed a bug in the ExpatNB class reported by Gabe Beged-Dov
          <>. The ErrorMessage attribute wasn't
          being initialized for ExpatNB. This should have been done in
          the Expat constructor.
        - Applied patch provided by Nathan Kurz <> to
          fix more perl stack manipulation errors in Expat.xs.
        - Applied another patch by Nathan to change perl_call_sv flag
          from G_DISCARD to G_VOID for callbacks, which helps performance.
        - Murata Makoto <> reported a
          problem on Win32 platforms that only showed up when UTF-16 was
          being used. The needed call to binmode was added to the parsefile
        - Added documentation for release method that was added in release
          2.20 to Expat pod. (Point raised by <>)
        - Now using Version 19990425 of expat. No local patches.
        - Added specified_attr method and made ineffective the is_defaulted

Clark Cooper                  Logic Technologies,Inc
(518) 388-7451                650 Franklin St., Suite 304
                                             Schenectady, NY  12305

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