New XML::Parser

From Thu Aug 13 15:14:28 1998
Date:      Thu, 13 Aug 1998 13:04:30 -0700
To:        "Perl-XML Mailing List" <>
From:      Tim Bray <>
Subject:   Here's a new XML::Parser

[The new XML::Parser is] available in:

Differences are:

  1. Uses expat
  2. Doesn't try to do anything with encodings beyond expat's built-in
  3. Has a new style named "Stream"

This is still experimental; I have never built a significant reusable perl module nor touched an .xs file before, and have doubtless committed several faux pas - however, this runs Larry's eg files and also some fairly demanding processing on some large and internationalized files. Testing was on Red Hat linux 4.2. Expat seems to want to be built with gcc so I didn't overrule it.

Thanks to all who contributed input.

A win32 version sometime early next week would be real nice. -Tim

Date:    Fri, 14 Aug 1998 5:17:40
Subject: ActivePerl + expat XML::Parser
To:      "Perl-XML Mailing List" <>
From: (Matthew Sergeant)

After much hacking, the ActivePerl and expat XML::Parser binaries are now available. Note that the makefile doesn't completely work - especially not for expat itself - I had to run lib by hand on that.

I've not been able to get it onto my web site today, but if you want it asap I can mail it direct, if you send mail to - I won't be able to send it if you mail my ndirect address.

Anyway, once it's up (hopefully by the end of today) the location will be:

BTW: Tested the eg directory - all seems fine.


Note: See the main database entry, "XML and Perl."