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SGML/XML in Healthcare

An International Roundup

of Standards Activity and Applications

May 18th 1998   9.00 - 18.00

accompanying the SGML/XML Europe ´98 ConferenceParis

Hotel Sofitel, Forum Rive Gauche, 17 Boulevard Saint Jacques

supported by Fachbereich Medizinische Informatik,

 HL7 Special Interest Group SGML/XML,

HL7 User Group Germany and





About the Workshop

The support for structured markup (SGML and XML) in healthcare applications and healthcare exchange standards is expanding rapidly and with that support, the need to communicate and coordinate efforts across national boundaries. At this moment in time, the application of XML offers several new and promising opportunities for Internet-based exchange.

Pilot projects are already underway applying SGML/XML to clinical information in several countries. A comprehensive proposal for structuring and exchanging Electronic Healthcare Records, the Kona Architecture, has been initiated in the US and there are complimentary activities planned in several national and international standards organizations.

We are pleased to use the opportunity of the GCA`s SGML/XML Europe `98 conference to present a roundup of current efforts from eight countries: Britain, the US, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland. We will offer an open forum for discussion of the issues facing us all as we move toward a formulation of the place of documents and structured text within the electronic medical record and the new, XML-based World Wide Web.

Many thanks to Marion Elledge, VP for Information Technologies of the GCA and Pamela Gennusa, Conference Chair, SGML / XML `98 Europe for their support of this effort.

      Liora Alschuler                                                                                 Joachim Dudeck
Chair Kona Editorial Group                                                          HL7 User Group in Germany

Morning Session (Monday May 18th 1998 9:00-12:30)

SGML/XML in Healthcare: an international Roundup of Standards Activity and Application

        Rachael Sokolowski, USA Introduction to XML

        Sandy Boyer, USA
        An exercise in Document Analysis

        Coffee Break

        Liora Alschuler, USA
        Exchange of clinical documents  with the Kona Architecture

        Joachim Dudeck, Germany
        Concepts for Applying XML as an
        Interchange Format in Communi- cation Standards


Afternoon Session (Monday, May 18th 1998 14:00-18:00)

SGML/XML in Healthcare: an international Roundup of Standards Activity and Application

        Sean Brennan, Tony Sharer, United Kingdom
        SGML in the NHS - Experiences from the Oswestry pilot project

        Ted Wigefeldt, Sweden
        Experiences with SGML for transfer of electronic patient records in Sweden

        Angelo Rossi Mori, Italy
        The CEN Approach to XML for patient
        records: a tagging system for section

        Coffee Break

        Norihiro Sakamoto, Japan
        Medical Markup Language (MML) -
        An SGML DTD for Medical Records

        Walter Fierz, Rolf Gruetter, Switzerland
        The use of an Intelligent XML
        Document to Integrate Distributed
        heterogeneous Computer Systems in
        a Multi-Centered Clinical Study

        Bernhard Pohl, Germany
        Application of XML in Medical Know- ledge based PRO.M.D systems:
        XML-style interfaces to interpreter and fronted

        Nicolaus Silberzahn, France
        Dealing with the electronic patient record
        variability: Object Oriented XML elements



The Workshop is supported by the GCA which organizes the SGML/ XML Europe `98 conference. Participants of the workshop only don't have to pay the conference fee. The workshop itself is also free of charge.

Advanced Registration
Institut of Medical Informatics,
Heinrich-Buff-Ring 44
D 35392 Giessen
Tel.:  x49.641.99.41350
Fax.: x49.641.99.41359

Please register before May 7th via our web based registration facility.
Should you encounter difficulties with the web based registration facility, please send an email with the required data to Thomas Bürkle, Institut für Medizinische Informatik.

Meeting Place

Meeting Place
Hotel Sofitel
Forum Rive Gauche
17 Boulevard Saint Jacques
Room Flamboyant Level D
Tel.:  x331.4078.7980
Fax.: x331.4588.4393
Metro Station Saint Jacques

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De Granville  29, rue Deparcieux
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