IETF TRADE WG and the OTP Consortium

Subject:   IETF TRADE WG and the OTP Consortium 
From:      "Donald E. Eastlake 3rd" <> 
Date:      Tue, 16 Jun 1998 01:46:06 -0400 (EDT) 

Some on this list may not understand the relationship between the
Open Trading Protocol Consortium and this IETF working group and
those who do may want an update...

The OTP Consortium has a web site as where
version 0.9 of the Internet Open Trading Protocol is available.  The
consortium is working hard on producing the version 1.0 documents
(sometimes refered to as Baseline).  They are current schedule to be
posted on the OTP web site in early July. At that point, engineering
design work by the OTP Consortium will cease.

The version 1.0 documents will then be posted as internet drafts for
comment and subsequently be published as Information RFCs via this
working group.  The intent is for the version 1.0 Information RFCs
to follow the OTP versions except for the formatting changes
necessary to be RFCs (plain text (and possible subsequent postscript
versions), formating, notices, etc.) and fixing any errors that are

While there is certainly no reason that discussion of requirements and
version 2.0 enhancements could not begin now, it might be better to
wait about three weeks till the verison 1.0 documents are out.

The OTP Consoritum will likely continue to exist in some form for
purposes such as promoting the protocol, acting as an association of
vendors implementing or interested in the protocol, etc. Thus far
the OTP Consoritum has been a relatively informal organization
without dues.  It is presently seeking some umbrella organizaton
that it could exist under in a more formal way so it could continue
with these activities.


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