SGML: OTCUST Discussion List

SGML: OTCUST Discussion List

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Subject: OTCUST, a mailing list for Open Text customers and users
Date: 11 Apr 1995 23:12:03 GMT
Organization: Rice University, Shoal Creek campus
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In an effort to learn about how other customers of Open Text
Corporation are using Open Text software, we at Rice have set up a
mailing list called "OTCUST".  Here is its charter:

    The OTCUST mailing list is for discussion among customers of Open
    Text Corporation and users of its text search and retrieval
    software (Pat, Lector, TextQuery, TextSearch, and related
    products).  OTCUST is not sponsored by Open Text Corporation and
    opinions expressed here are those of the individual authors.

To subscribe to the OTCUST list, send e-mail to ""
containing the following in the body of the message:

    SUBSCRIBE OTCUST Yourfirstname Yourlastname

In order to allow time for this announcement to spread and for people
to sign up, traffic on the OTCUST list will not begin until Wednesday,
April 26, 1995.  Feel free to subscribe before then.

A bit more about Open Text, for those unfamiliar with it:

Open Text's search and retrieval software is perhaps best known for its
ability to process SGML text, although it can be used with other markup
formats as well.  Some of the better-known applications of Open Text
use it to serve out important humanities corpora, including the Oxford
English dictionary.  Open Text databases have successfully been made
available to World-Wide Web users via gateways; for some examples,

    Bible: King James Version Search

    UMich Humanities Text Initiative

    UVa Electronic Text Library

    Price-Wilkin, John. "WWW-to-PAT Gateway: Exploiting an SGML-aware
          system through the Web"

    Price-Wilkin, John. "A Gateway Between the World-Wide Web and PAT:
          Exploiting SGML Through the Web." The Public-Access Computer
          Systems Review 5, no. 7 (1994): 5-27.

For official information from Open Text Corporation, contact:

    Open Text Corporation
    180 Columbia Street West
    Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3L3, Canada
    Tel: +1 519-888-9910
    Fax: +1 519-888-0677

Again, the OTCUST mailing list is not officially connected with Open Text
Corporation, although Open Text employees are welcome to participate.

-- Prentiss Riddle ("aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada")
-- Systems Programmer, Office of Networking Services, Rice University
-- 2002-A Guadalupe St. #285, Austin, TX 78705 / 713-285-5327