OPX Ready - Open Philantropy eXchange

What is OPX?
OPX (Open Philanthropy eXchange) provides a standard for formatting and exchanging digital information about donors, gifts, volunteers, members and events. By using a common data format, nonprofit organizations and service providers can streamline communications between Web sites and back-office databases. Software applications with incompatible formats can use OPX to transfer information using a common language.

What technology is OPX based on?
OPX is based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). XML is a standard language used to structure and describe data so that a broad range of applications can understand it. OPX defines an XML grammar that allows for a flexible, standard way to tag specific pieces of information such as donor names, gift amounts, membership levels, event registrations and volunteer opportunities.

When will OPX be available?
On July 31, 2000, version 1.0 of the OPX specification was made publicly available on the OPX Web site. Version 1.0 enables nonprofits to transfer gift information from Web sites to OPX-ready software. Subsequent versions of OPX will facilitate transfer of membership, volunteer and event information. Version 2.0 will be released later this year following the first meeting of the OPX Consortium in September.

Who will benefit from OPX?
Nonprofit organizations will benefit from the ability to exchange data with online sources. By using the common format of OPX, organizations can share and collect data about donors, members, volunteers and events more efficiently. By adopting OPX and choosing OPX-ready technology, nonprofits can capture more information from Web sites with less manual data entry. As a result, a greater portion of each donated dollar will go directly to fulfill organizational missions.

Describe an example of OPX at work.
If a person makes an online donation at a charitable giving Web site that employs OPX, the donor and gift information can be easily transferred to OPX-ready software, such as a donor management system.

How can I get involved in shaping the future of OPX?
Membership in the OPX Consortium is open to nonprofit organizations and the vendors who serve them. To join, send an e-mail to contact@opxinfo.net. We will contact you regarding our upcoming OPX Consortium meeting in the fall of 2000.