Version 1.0 of OpenTag

Subject:  XML-based OpenTag format version 1.0 has been released
From:         Yves Savourel <>
Date:         1997/11/21
Message-ID:   <>
Newsgroups:   comp.text.sgml


The version 1.0 of OpenTag, the XML-based format to encode extracted
text, has been released.

The latest specifications:
The OpenTag DTD:
The press release:
OpenTag is a standard markup format for extracted text. This open format
provides a simple method to generically encode text that has been
extracted from an original file or document. Original documents, which
can be in any format (RTF, SGML, MIF, HTML, software resources,
Interleaf, etc.), are parsed to generate files whose contents are marked
up identically regardless of the source format. These data files then
can serve as a common-format I/O for all your text processing
The OpenTag Web site ( contains also various
additional information, samples, presentation, free tools, etc.

-- Yves Savourel