Weather Report Markup

From Wed Jun 10 13:27:33 1998
Date:     Wed, 10 Jun 1998 18:18:18 GMT
To:       robin@ACADCOMP.SIL.ORG
Subject:  Weather Report Markup

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[The Weather Report Markup] application uses XML for annotating
weather observation reports, forecasts and advisories as issued by
Weather Meteorological Organization (WMO), the National Weather Center
and Air Force Global Weather Center. Currently only METAR/SPECI
observational reports and SIGMET significant weather aircraft
advisories are being analyzed and marked up. I'm working on adding
other types of reports - TAF (Terminal Airdrome Forecasts), regional
SIGMETs, AIRMETS, Upper Air reports, etc.
	The following web site describes motivation and goals of the
project as well as the structure of OMF documents, syntax and the
meaning of markup elements and attributes:
The page refers to OMF DTD, specifically

and sample OMF documents.

	This markup is *really* being used to distribute up-to-hour
annotated weather observations and advisories; Navy's Joint Metoc
Viewer is one application that can ingest OMF documents and display
the corresponding data.

The Web pages

let one search for observation reports/advisories based on a variety
of criteria; these scripts display the results in the OMF
format.  Note, the underlying database stores the latest reported
weather observation for the entire globe. There is also a special
Metcast server that can process queries (described in a request
language) in a more efficient way, as described in


Thank you.

[See the database entry: Weather Observation Markup Format (OMF).]