Object Design Joins World Wide Web Consortium. Will Help Define XML Standard

BURLINGTON, Mass., September 9, 1998.

Object Design, Inc. (Nasdaq: ODIS), a leading provider of enterprise
and embedded data management solutions, today announced that it has
joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the industry's premier
standards body for emerging Web protocols and technologies.

    Object Design joined the W3C in order to participate in the
development of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) specification, an
emerging universal standard for describing data.  Object Design views
XML as a major new business opportunity because the company's
ObjectStore database is ideally suited as an XML data management
solution, especially when applied to the problems associated with data
interchange between disparate systems.

    "While much of the industry has been talking about XML in terms of
document management, Object Design believes that XML will have a far
more dramatic impact when it is applied to server-side data
integration issues," said Larry Alston, vice presfillident of
marketing at Object Design.  "By participating in the W3C, we will be
able to help shape the XML specification and ensure that it reaches
its full potential as a server-side data integration standard."

    About Object Design

    Object Design, Inc. (http://www.objectdesign.com), the leading object
database company, develops and markets the ObjectStore database
management system and related tools, and ObjectStore PSE Pro, a
leading small- footprint embedded database solution.  ObjectStore,
with its unique Cache-Forward  database architecture, is used by
customers in a wide variety of industries to build and deploy
component-based computing applications.  The company backs its
products with comprehensive training, services, and support.
Headquartered in Burlington, Mass., Object Design sells and supports
its products through branch offices across the U.S., international
subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands,
Belgium, Japan, and Australia, and a worldwide network of

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Web Site: http://www.objectdesign.com

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