DataChannel Transfers X-ACT Council to OASIS

DataChannel Transfers X-ACT Council to OASIS

XML Market Receives Enhanced Services Through Vendor-Neutral Management of Leading Industry Council

MADSION, AL & BELLEVUE, WA, May 4, 1998 - OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (formerly SGML Open), announced today that it will take the helm of the XML Active Content Technologies Council (X-ACT) to provide vendor-neutral management and enhanced industry services. X-ACT, formed on March 4 and spearheaded by DataChannel Inc., a leading developer of in XML-enabled Active Content Technologies, will now become a subsidiary organization of OASIS. Active Content Technologies are a new class of XML-based computer applications and transactions that enable active content at all levels of networked computing (desktop, server, Internet, intranet, extranet, VPNs, LANs, WANs). Aligned with all standards bodies, X-ACT aims to provide a communications venue for corporations working to develop real-world XML-based solutions to meet today's business needs, increase awareness about Active Content Technologies and their benefits, and maintain an index to Active Content software.

"OASIS will lend its established infrastructure and resources to the establishment of X-ACT as the catalyst for XML proliferation. The revolutionary potential of XML hinges upon communication and cooperation among vendors, and OASIS is dedicated and uniquely suited to the X-ACT mission to foster such a climate," said Robin Tomlin, executive director at OASIS. "We are excited to take the helm at X-ACT."

"We conducted a comprehensive search to find the ideal vendor-neutral partner to lead X-ACT in bringing the possibilities of XML technologies to every computing experience," said Dave Pool, CEO and founder of DataChannel Inc. "OASIS brings the perfect blend of experience and market understanding. I'm certain OASIS will make X-ACT a continued success."

"As a long-standing sponsor member of OASIS and an X-Act member, we see this as an great fit. It reinforces OASIS' commitment to interoperability issues and brings strong organizational infrastructure to the X-Act group," commented Graham Marshall, vice president and general manager of Inso Corporation's Electronic Publishing Solutions Group.

Primary X-ACT Service Enhancements

OASIS is now in the process of negotiations to provide premier services to sustain and improve the membership of both organizations and ultimately provide X-ACT members with a full slate of enhanced services, including:

Web-based resources

Web-based resources: An XML-driven web site that features aggregated content from key XML sources. The site can be updated by vendors and will feature a vendor-demo showcase.

Comprehensive training

Comprehensive training: Members will benefit from comprehensive regular training programs on software development and implementation hosted by X-ACT and based upon the combined experience of council members and OASIS.

Industry focused conferences

Industry focused conferences: Regular meetings of the X-ACT Council will be hosted by OASIS to provide a primary forum for industry communications, standards discussion and consolidated marketing efforts.

Working Groups

Technical working groups will formulate guidelines and generate documents to develop awareness and facilitate the standard application of XML. These documents will provide critical information for vendors who supply products that will interoperate in a "framework" for XML enabled applications.

Interoperability Testing

Implementation of the guidelines and documents generated by the members will facilitate the testing of the submitted applications based on standards recommended by the W3C. X-ACT membership includes such XML industry leaders as Allaire, ArborText, BTG, Computer Sciences Program, DataChannel, Daylight Software, Informix, Inso, NexGen SI, OmniMark Technologies, Online Computing Library Center, PLATINUM Technology Solutions, Poet Software, NC.Focus, Sybase, Thomson Corporation, Wall Data, webMethods and XML Solutions.

OASIS ( is a non-profit, international consortium dedicated solely to product-independent data and content interchange. Focusing on product interoperability, conformance and market awareness, OASIS embraces the complete spectrum of structured information standards including XML, SGML and HTML. Members of the consortium include users and suppliers of products and services that support these structured information standards. OASIS sponsors include Adobe Systems, AIS/Berger Levrault, ArborText, Inc., Chrystal Software, Database Publishing Systems, Folio, Fuji Xerox, Graphic Communications Association, Inso, ISOGEN, Open Text, SoftQuad, STEP, Sun Microsystems, Texcel, Thomson, Xyvision and the Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation. OASIS Contributors include: ActiveSystems, AGAVE Software Design, CITEC International, Copernican Solutions Inc., Crane Softwrights Ltd., Data Conversion Laboratory, Document Solutions Management Inc., Electronic Data Foundry, Enigma, General Dynamics Defense Systems, IBM Corporation, Inera, Information Architects, Information Dimensions, Infrastructures for Information, InfoObjects, Jouve Software, L. A. Burman Associates, Lonergan Digital SARL, Matthew Bender & Company, Microstar Software, Mulberry Technologies, Neville & Associates, Noldor Technology, Novell, NPC Digital Services, Progressive Information Technologies, ProText, RivCom, SAGRELTO Enterprises, SGML Resource Center, Solvera Information Services, Structured Information Consulting, Synex Information AB, Synth-Bank, Tata Infotech, TetraSys, Tokyo Electron America and Uniscope.

DataChannel, Inc. ( is the leader in XML-enabled Active Content Technologies. Founded in 1996, DataChannel focuses on development of XML- enabled Active Content Technologies, an emerging class of applications which use XML to deliver active content to all levels of networked computing (desktop, server, Internet, intranet, extranet, VPNs, LANs, WANs).

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