New York Technical Advisory Group (NYTAG)

Title: NYTAG Meeting - Last Call
Author: (W. J. Davidson)
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 04:29:22 GMT
-------------------------------------------------------------------- To New York Area SGMLers: I am pleased to announce that the second meeting of the New York (area) Technical Advisory Group ("NYTAG") of the SGML Forum of New York, Inc. will take place as follows: Date: Thursday September 11, 1997 Time: 3:00 p.m. (until we're done or 6:00 p.m.) Place: Matthew Bender & Co., Inc. 2 Park Avenue, 7th Floor New York NY 10016 Directions: Between 32nd & 33rd Streets (west side of Park Ave.). Meeting hosted by Chet Ensign (448-2466). Please go directly to 7th floor. Proposed Agenda: 1. Recap previous meeting 2. Review draft mission statement 3. Call for volunteers (NYTAG chair & sec'y) 4. "WG8 TC for WebSGML" review - status update 5. Discussion of next activities 6. Press release 7. New business 8. Next steps If you haven't already done so, please RSVP. Space is limited and we need to keep track of numbers. NYTAG was formed with the intention of acting as a conduit between the members of the SGML Forum of New York and those organizations responsible for the technical direction of SGML and related standards: standards bodies, industry consortia, vendors' groups, etc. The plan is to keep the local membership informed about changes and developments to the relevant standards and the practical implications such developments might have for local users and companies. The Technical Advisory Group will gather users' ideas, concerns, suggestions and recommendations and publicize them through position papers, press releases, member surveys, and the like. NYTAG is not intended to duplicate the activities of existing standards bodies. Its purpose is constructive advocacy and the inclusion of the local user community in the ongoing work of developing SGML and its related standards. Major corporations in the New York area are represented. For more details about NYTAG, see the brief article on page 14 of the July 1997 issue of ISUG Newsletter (Vol. 3, Issue 3). Direct any questions and/or suggestions to me by email. With thanks, Joe Davidson N.B. For the benefit of friends and colleagues to whom I have been "" (@ SoftQuad Inc.) for the last seven years and to correct the information at the end of the above mentioned article, please note the new contact & affiliation information below. I can also be contacted at the Microstar Software Inc. office in Princeton, NJ at 609-987-1707. ---------------------------------------------------- W. Joseph Davidson Tel: +1 212 691 4463 Microstar Software Inc. Fax: +1 212 691 1821 New York, NY 10014 Free: 888-NYC-SGML U.S.A. Email: ----------------------------------------------------