SGML: SGML Forum of New York

SGML: SGML Forum of New York

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Subject: ANN: Jan. meeting of SGML Forum of NY
Date: 20 Dec 1995 21:28:01 GMT
Organization: Logical Design Solutions, Inc.
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The SGML Forum of New York invites you to attend

"A Docu-Centric Perspective on Databases"

Date:     Tuesday, January 9th, 1996; 5:30 p.m.
Place:    McGraw-Hill, Inc.
          2nd Floor Conference Center
          1221 Avenue of the Americas (lobby entrance off 49th Street)
Agenda:   5:30 Registration and Opening Remarks
          5:45 Keynote Speaker:  Sebastian Holst, Texcel, USA
          6:45 Vendor Demo: Texcel

For the first program of the new year, Sebastian Holst, President of
Texcel, USA will look at new and classic database technologies
(object-oriented, relational, etc.) to show us their relative merits
in supporting document-type information. He will discuss the
relationships and dependencies between document and database
technologies and the roles that standards such as SGML, SQL, and CORBA
play in building information management systems.

For the vendor demonstration, Sebastian will show us Texcel's
Information Manager(TM) products.  Information Manager is a standards-
based set of document management applications built around a central
document repository.  It supports enterprise-scale creation,
management and delivery of information, including workflow management,
authoring, and document assembly, storage and retrieval.


Starting with this announcement, we will be sending announcements of
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you receive the announcements sooner and will help lower the Forum's
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If you prefer to receive your announcements via email, please send a
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The SGML Forum of New York is a nonprofit organization devoted to the
exchange of ideas and information about SGML. Organized primarily as a
user group, the Forum seeks to promote an understanding of the scope
and benefits of the SGML standard and to further its practical
application within a variety of industries, including publishing,
financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and

Reply by fax to (718) 357-8776.

"A Docu-Centric Perspective on Databases"

Tuesday, January 9th, 1996

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