New XML Book

Title: Blatant Advertising: New XML Book
Author: (Simon North)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 09:56:48 GMT
------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope no-one will object to this. It *is* (or could be interpreted as) blatant advertising, but I trust that it will be excused on the grounds that it is also informative. I am pleased to announce the publication of: Presenting XML by Sams.Net ISBN 1-57521-334-4 Paperback 414 pages. $24.99 USA Lead Author: Richard Light (of SGML Tagger fame) Contributing authors: Simon North (Synopsys Inc) Charles A. Allen (WebMethods) Technical Editor & Foreword: Tim Bray ---------------------------------------------- Personal Note: It was quite a challenge to try and describe a "moving target" and even though we were caught out by XSL, I think we did a pretty good job. To try and keep up, Sams will be opening the supporting WWW site at just as soon as it's ready. For the technically minded, we authored in SGML (TEI-lite DTD) and used Jade to produce the RTF for publishing in Microsoft Word, and the HTML (and XML) for online use. Simon North.