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Nokia announces cooperation with technology leaders toward development of WAP based products and solutions

Nokia working with leading software developers, content providers and hardware manufacturers to develop Internet-based Value Added Services

(June 4, 1999) - SAN FRANCISCO - - Nokia brought a number of leading content providers, software and hardware developers together today at Nokia's third annual Wireless Data Conference, to announce cooperative activities focused on supporting Wireless Applications Protocol (WAP) and the growing demand for mobility. This reinforces Nokia's commitment to develop the wireless Internet and use of mobile devices such as smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), as well as to continue to provide new and innovative solutions to wireless customers.

The Nokia Wireless Data Conference, unique in its kind, brings together key players in the industry, including wireless network operators, to meet, share ideas and discuss the opportunities in the market place using Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

According to recent studies, the total number of mobile phone users worldwide is over 300 million, double the number of Internet users. Nokia estimates that in 2003 there will be about one billion mobile phone subscribers, and that a substantial portion of the phones sold will have multimedia capabilities.

Haroon Alvi, director of business development, at Nokia Mobile Phones said Nokia's and leading technology companies' activities today are further proof of the wireless Internet coming of age through the adoption of the Wireless Application Protocol.

"Nokia and the companies with which we're cooperating share a common vision providing new and innovative solutions to our customers," Alvi said. "By forming long-term relationships with other companies that are experts in their fields, we are able to develop total solutions that change the way people work and live. This provides a new customer base not only for Nokia, but for developers, content providers and network operators."

The announcements of some of the companies cooperating with Nokia today include:
Excite@Home - Excite@Home has been selected as a Web leader to participate in Nokia's Wireless Data Conference and as a sponsor of the event. "Nokia is clearly a leader in promoting the wireless delivery of data and this focus is in line with Excite@Home's strategy of 'All Band, All Device, All the Time'," said Joe Kraus, senior vice-president, content, Excite@Home. "We recognize that Nokia's commitment to Wireless Applications Protocol (WAP) is important to the development of wireless use of the Internet. It is strategic for us to participate in this forum as it supports our goal of extending the Excite membership to our customers even when they are away from their computers."
InfoSpace - InfoSpace.com announced new solutions for WAP Mobile Phone Handsets, including yellow page directories, white page directories, directions, stock quotes, and Headline News content.
"InfoSpace's private label solutions for content and commerce will dramatically enhance the utility and value of these new WAP handsets," said Steve Shivers, director of business development for InfoSpace.com.
Intelligent Information - Intelligent Information Incorporated (III) provides mobile, personalized content to wireless users whenever they want it - from stock quotes, news, weather, traffic, and consumer lifestyle services to e-commerce, personal email, calendar applications and more. III specializes in the creation of wireless portals that provide access to content and personal information profile management. III's wireless portals are accessed through mobile devices featuring WAP browsers, short message service (SMS), the Internet and interactive voice platforms. A complete array of branded and private-label content is available for push and pull delivery based on the capabilities of the user's network and device.
JP Systems - JP Systems' One-Touch MailTM software for PalmTM connected organizers is now available to Nokia's 7110 and future WAP-enabled phone customers. Users can send and receive email messages, as well as manage and update address book information, via the infrared port on these phones. "One-Touch Mail satisfies consumer demand for wireless email using Palm III and other organizers with wireless phones," said Andy Tarzon, director of mobile products at JP Systems. "We also intend to supplement this offering with Web content services that utilize the Nokia phone as a wireless modem transport."
Macromedia - Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 is the professional solution for Web site design and production with powerful features for efficient page production, deluxe site management, visual authoring for dynamic publishing, and Roundtrip XML. Because of its open, extensible architecture, Dreamweaver works seamlessly with custom and commercial tools for e-commerce, dynamic publishing and rich media content creation. In addition to supporting Nokia's WAP products, Dreamweaver 2 works with industry-leading solutions from Apple, Oracle, BroadVision, Allaire, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Real Networks and more.
MapQuest - "According to a January 1999 Jupiter Communications study, the ability to access driving directions is the number one, most desired application for mobile devices" commented Mike Mulligan, CEO of MapQuest.com. "MapQuest.com is the solution for maps and driving directions for wireless devices." MapQuest.com is a leader in advanced mapping systems. Whether the request originates from the simplest cell phone or the most sophisticated wireless terminal, MapQuest.com is the destination for maps and driving direction services. As a recent new member of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum, MapQuest.com is committed to the development of products for the next generation of wireless solutions.
Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch (NASDAQ: TMCS) is an award-winning provider of locally-developed online information and transaction services relevant to people's everyday lives. TMCS' city guides provide live event ticketing and information about restaurants, movies, local events, travel and shopping. "Nokia's commitment to develop the wireless Internet and use of mobile devices combined with our dedication to continually update our city guide and ticketing sites and integrate content with transactions, will allow consumers to act on their decisions and get things done from anywhere at any time," said John Pleasants, President of Ticketing & Transactions for Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch. "We think these kinds of practical tools for living are the future."
Visto Corporation - Visto is creating wireless telephone access to its award-winning suite of Web-based applications. Phase one will include access to email, calendar and addresses. Subsequent phases will add features such as group calendaring, public events, address book synchronization and more. The Visto service uses the Web as the focal point for all daily personal computing and communications activities. Working with Nokia, Visto extends its vision to enable users to access their secure Visto account via wireless phones. Visto combines the freedom of wireless together with the power of the Internet.

About WAP
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an open global standard for total mobile solutions, including communication between a mobile handset and the Internet or other computer application. WAP-based technology enables the design of advanced, interactive and real-time mobile services, such as mobile banking or Internet-based news services, which can be used in digital mobile phones or other mobile devices. The WAP specification enables solutions from various suppliers to work consistently for end-users on the digital networks. Nokia is a founding member of the WAP Forum, which standardizes intelligent messaging for creating Internet services and applications for digital mobile phones and wireless terminals. For more information about WAP, see www.wapforum.com.

About Nokia
Nokia is the world's leading mobile phone supplier and a leading supplier of mobile and fixed telecom networks including related customer services. Nokia also supplies solutions and products for fixed and wireless datacom, as well as multimedia terminals and computer displays. In 1998, net sales totaled EUR 13.3 billion (USD 15.7 billion). Headquartered in Finland, Nokia is listed on the New York (NOK), Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Frankfurt and Paris stock exchanges, has sales in over 130 countries and employs more than 47,000 people worldwide.

About Exite
Excite@Home (Nasdaq: ATHM) is a global media company based in Redwood City, Calif. Through the company's narrowband portal, Excite (www.excite.com), and broadband services, @Home and @Work, the company uniquely offers consumers content and interactive services across both narrowband and broadband, and advertisers highly targeted marketing solutions across all platforms of delivery. Leveraging the high-speed, always-on attributes of cable, Excite@Home empowers unique multimedia applications that go beyond current Web experiences. The company will combine the Excite brand - one of the best known names on the Internet with 70 percent recognition among Web users - with @Home's broad distribution - a worldwide footprint resulting from its agreements with 21 cable companies, to deliver on its vision of "All Band, All Device, All the Time."

About InfoSpace
InfoSpace.com is a leading infrastructure provider of private label solutions for content, community and commerce to Web sites and Internet appliances. InfoSpace.com's affiliate network consists of more than 1,500 Web sites. The company's affiliates include AOL, Netscape, Microsoft, Lycos, go2net Inc.'s MetaCrawler, Dow Jones (The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition), ABC LocalNet and CBS's affiliated TV stations. In addition, InfoSpace.com has agreements with a number of providers of Internet access devices including PCs by Acer America and The Pixel Co. (for Packard Bell NEC), cellular phones by AT&T Wireless and Phone.com, pagers by WolfeTech (for Motorola), screen phones by InfoGear, Mitel, Mitsui and Lucent, television set-top boxes by American Interactive Media, @Home, Lucent, On Command, Planetweb and Source Media, online kiosks by King kiosk platform and Lexitech kiosk platform, and personal digital assistants via AvantGo.

About Intelligent Information
Intelligent Information Incorporated (III) has developed and deployed more than 20 private label wireless portals for major North American wireless carriers and new media organizations. Founded in 1991, III is the leading provider of personalized information and consumer e-commerce services to the wireless industry. Customizable, text and voice-based services like news, sports, weather, traffic, and stock quotes help wireless carriers increase revenue and reduce churn. III's services for web sites extend the sites' reach beyond the time a user spends online and provide a higher level of "stickiness." Services are delivered via mobile phones, pagers, palmtops and PDAs. Intelligent Information Incorporated's headquarters are located in Stamford, CT, USA.

About JP Systems
Founded in 1995, Dallas-based JP Systems, Inc. is a leading global software developer for the business and personal wireless-messaging industry. JP's software significantly expands the capabilities of the most widely-used Personal Digital Assistants, such as the Palm Computing connected organizers and Windows CE Handheld and Palm-size PCs, through the introduction of advanced E-mail and wireless messaging features. These patented products also have earned industry distinctions, such as the coveted 3Com Platinum Certification. JP's Mobile Products Division develops and markets both client and server software that enhances existing messaging technologies for the paging and Personal Digital Assistant markets. JP's Enterprise Solutions Division develops, installs and supports customized corporate messaging systems, including the JPS-1000 in-house paging system used by the New York Stock Exchange. Fortune 500 companies utilize the IT Professional Services Division as an extensive consulting resource for its specialty projects, such as call processing and Enterprise Resource Planning. For more information, visit JP's Web site: www.jpsystems.com.

About Macromedia
Macromedia's mission is to add life to the Web. By providing its award-winning Web Publishing, Web Entertainment, and Web Learning solutions to Web designers, consumers, and the enterprise, Macromedia is delivering a completely new generation of Internet tools and technologies designed to transform the Web experience. Headquartered in San Francisco, Macromedia (NASDAQ: MACR) has more than 500 employees worldwide and is available on the Internet at http://www.macromedia.com.

About MapQuest
MapQuest.com, Inc. is a leader in advanced mapping systems. The Company launched its popular web site (www.mapquest.com) on February 5, 1996. Today, MapQuest.com is receiving more than 3.1 million unique visitors monthly1 to its consumer web site. As part of their business-to-business services, MapQuest.com helps businesses integrate maps and driving directions into their Internet, intranet and call center applications for improved marketing and customer service functions. MapQuest.com has developed a diverse network of more than 500 business partners, including: Yahoo (Nasdaq:YHOO), Lycos (Nasdaq: LCOS), Infoseek (Nasdaq: SEEK),

Excite (Nasdaq: XCIT), AOL Digital City (NYSE: AOL), CitySearch (Nasdaq: TMCS), Travelocity (NYSE: TSG), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), MasterCard, Kinko's, Blockbuster, and Dayton Hudson (NYSE: DH).
In addition to web-enabled mapping services, MapQuest.com also provides high-quality print maps to leading brands of reference books, travel guides and textbooks. It also provides the underlying mapping and driving direction technology and components to a variety of vertical industries, such as corporate travel, hotels, real estate and retailers.
MapQuest.com is listed on the Nasdaq; the ticker symbol is MQST. The Company has been in operation since 1967.

1Media Metrix, March 1999

About Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch
The CitySearch city guides (www.citysearch.com) provide in-depth, locally-produced information on where to go and what to do in major U.S. and foreign cities, including arts and entertainment, recreation, shopping and community. The city guides help people get things done by integrating the ability to perform online local transactions, including ticketing, reservations, classifieds, auctions, merchandise and even matchmaking. Ticketmaster Online (www.ticketmaster.com), the world's leading online ticketing company, is the exclusive provider of tickets online for clients of Ticketmaster Corporation, the leading provider and distributor of event tickets, selling on an annual basis approximately 75 million tickets representing gross receipts in excess of 2.5 billion dollars, for more than 250,000 events and 3,750 clients. The CitySearch network also includes www.CityAuction.com, www.Livedaily.com and the recently acquired www.Match.com.

About Visto Corporation
Visto is the pioneer in Web-based personal and group applications, which enable users to organize their own information, interact in groups and plan events all through one integrated service. The free Visto service is available at www.visto.com. The company has partnerships with Compaq Computers, theglobe.com; mcafee.com, recently launched by Network Associates, Inc.; Student Advantage, in providing the AT&T Virtual Backpack; Hewlett-Packard; sixdgrees; Microsoft Outlook; and Puma Technology. Based in Mountain View, CA, Visto Corporation was founded in 1996, and is funded by Bessemer Venture Partners, the founding investor, NEA, Trinity Ventures, Vector Capital, CMG @Ventures and Labrador Ventures.

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