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SGML - NICE TagWizard

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Subject: Re: SGML+HTML Word template?
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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 01:05:47 GMT
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Janne Turunen TKKK ( wrote:
: Also is there such a thing ? I have been using several Word add-ons to create
: HTML documents (WordIA and CU_Html for example) but never seen such template
: for SGML, so I would appriciate if someone who knows more than me could tell
: where to look for it.

  SGML TagWizard from NICE Technologies is a full-featured SGML
  authoring system that sits inside of MS-WORD.  It can be used with
  *any* SGML DTD, and provides assisted tagging, full conformance
  parsing, automatic insertion of WORD styles as text is tagged for
  somewhat-WYSIWYG editing, Importing of existing SGML text with automatic
  formatting for formatted viewing or printing, conversion of Word
  tables to DTD-dependant table tags, conversion of graphic to GIFs,
  and many other features.

  WebWizard is a version of SGML TagWizard that is limited to using
  HTML-based DTDs.  A fully-functional back-revved version is available
  for evaluation via anonymous FTP: pub/nicetech/Downloads   -or- pub/ni/nicetech

  The full version of SGML TagWizard has many performance and interface
  improvements (e.g. 100x improvement in IMPORT speed, more transparent
  DTD management) and sells for $229.  Try WebWizard to get a flavor of the
  product and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Randall Stark
NICE Technologies, Inc.