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If you are tracking the emergence of the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), you may want to subscribe to this e-mail news service. Explicit directions are provided below.

Recent articles in the business and computer trade press have reported on SGML developments underway at companies such as Adobe, Frame, Interleaf, Lotus, Microsoft, Novell, Silicon Graphics and WordPerfect.

SGML Newswire periodically delivers bibliographic cites of articles on SGML, late breaking industry news, notices of conferences and expositions and other relevant information about new adoptions and applications of this international document standard.


Since the birth of SGML Newswire in March 1993, this group has grown to over 430 subscribers. Roughly half of the subscribers are publishers, editors or journalists with business or computer publications; authors of forthcoming books; or industry analysts. The other half consists of interested parties from the international business community. Nobody's identity is known to other members; however, it can safely be said that this is a very illustrious group indeed. Word of mouth ('word of net'?) has been very powerful. Thanks for spreading the news.


You must have access to the Internet in some way, shape or form. Send e-mail to sgmlinfo@avalanche.com, indicating your desire to be added to the list. Please also include your preferred e-mail address in the body of your message, as well as your full name, publication, address, phone and fax.


If you're a recent subscriber and want to receive all back issues, just send a message saying SEND ALL. Each file will be sent as a separate mail message. Alternatively, you can order individual items from the Table of Contents . Send e-mail with body text of the form 'SEND 014.1993-05-27' which corresponds to its serial number and to the date it was originally sent, both of which are listed in the TOC. (Note: This is not an automatic list server-everything is done manually. Feel free to make additional comments in your mail message.)


All issues of the SGML Newswire are archived in an ftp site at the University of Oslo, Norway. Many thanks to Erik Naggum, who maintains the archive, for all the time and energy he's put into setting this up. Thanks also go to the sponsor of the hardware and network resources: The Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo.

Issues are currently indexed by item number and complete date. The full pathname is ftp://ifi.uio.no/pub/SGML/Newswire (see the table of contents for more information and a complete listing of issues).


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