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RECYCLED ISSUES ===============

Certain issues are periodically updated, with a new format or
new content.  For example, the SGML Hit List, which is a
compilation of several SGML case studies, continually evolves
with the addition of new user stories.  When a new version is
sent, it keeps its serial number but also has its new date of
release attached.  So in the TOC, the SGML Hit List, whose
serial number is 017, is listed like this:

	017.1993-06-03     SGML Hit List: in-depth case studies
			   and industry analysts

	017.1993-06-23     SGML Hit List: in-depth case studies
			   and industry analysts

	017.1993-09-03     SGML Hit List: in-depth case studies
			   and industry analysts

	017.1993-10-26     SGML Hit List: in-depth case studies
			   and industry analysts

In some cases, two issues will have different serial numbers but
the same date; this indicates that two different issues were
posted on the same day.

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All issues are currently indexed by item number and complete
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TABLE OF CONTENTS =================

001.1993-03-30       SGML Bibliography

001.1994-02-11       New TOC; SGML Newswire FTP Site

001.1994-02-23       New TOC and SGML Newswire filename setup

002.1993-04-01       InformationWeek, InfoWorld, CALS Journal,
		     InterConsult, SoftQuad; Wessels, Arnold &

003.1993-04-02       WordPerfect, Seybold Boston Conference,
		     InterConsult, SGML Open (original release)

004.1993-04-05       Unix Review, The Gilbane Report, <TAG>
		     newsletter, USENET (how to receive
		     comp.text.sgml newsgroup)

005.1993-04-06       SGML quotes in the news

006.1993-04-07       Computer Sciences Corporation (Sunday NY
		     display ad for "SGML Professionals")

007.1993-04-09       SGML in Context: five reasons SGML is
		     strategic now

008.1993-04-13       Adobe press release on Acrobat

009.1993-04-13       SGML Open press release (Seybold/Boston)

010.1993-04-16       The Internet Business Journal, SGML on the
		     World Wide Web

011.1993-04-27       Adobe/Avalanche announcement in the news

012.1993-05-17       Update on Adobe/Avalanche press coverage

013.1993-05-26       BellCore Exchange, Communications of the
		     Computerworld, Dr Dobb's Journal,
		     Newsbytes, UNIXWORLD

014.1993-05-27       Table of Contents

015.1993-05-28       SGML Hits Forbes

016.1993-06-01       The Internet

017.1993-06-03       SGML Hit List: in-depth case studies and
		     industry analysts

017.1993-06-23       SGML Hit List: in-depth case studies and
		     industry analysts

017.1993-09-03       SGML Hit List: in-depth case studies and
		     industry analysts

017.1993-10-26       SGML Hit List: in-depth case studies and
		     industry analysts

017.1994-05-03       SGML Hit List: in-depth case studies and
		     industry analysts

018.1993-06-09       Technical Communication: SGML special

019.1993-06-10       Goldfarb gives feedback on Forbes, Novell
		     seeks SGMLers

020.1993-06-11       Paradigm shift: the role of SGML in the

021.1993-06-21       Seybold Special Report emphasizes SGML,
		     Electronic Delivery and Management of

022.1993-06-23       InformationWEEK, free copies Gilbane
		     Report, SGML Hit List

023.1993-06-28       MacWEEK Special Report: SGML

024.1993-07-01       Interleaf acquires Avalanche

025.1993-07-12       Gartner Group studies SGML

026.1993-07-14       Adobe Acrobat announced; Government
		     Executive Magazine.

027.1993-07-21       The History of SGML

028.1993-07-23       CTMG/Officesmiths and Avalanche sign
		     reseller agreement

029.1993-07-26       SGML comparison: Interleaf & Frame;
		     InformationWEEK: Electronic Document

030.1993-07-28       Federal Computer Week talks about IETMs;
		     Interleaf's acquisition of Avalanche

031.1993-08-06       Wessels, Arnold & Henderson on Interleaf;
		     DATAMATION on LAN products and SGML

032.1993-08-10       DEC Professional on "publishing on-demand"

033.1993-08-13       Gilbane Report analyzes relationships
		     between documents, databases, and SGML

034.1993-08-16       InterConsult's 1993 SGML market study

035.1993-08-19       Electronic Publishing: the "new electronic

036.1993-08-23       Federal Depository Library Program goes

037.1993-08-24       Internet Business Report

038.1993-08-30       The Wire Service Committee of the Newspaper
		     Association of America and the
		     International Press Telecommunications
		     Committee choose SGML for text formatting

039.1993-09-01       Goldfarb and Microsoft speak out;
		     European SGML applications tools

040.1993-09-09       Datamation: the "less-paper" office;
		     CALS Journal: the automotive industry

041.1993-09-15       U.S. FDA Starts to Get Serious

042.1993-09-20       Government Computer News Round Table:
		     Publishing in Government

043.1993-09-23       Upcoming conferences/trade shows

044.1993-09-27       Network World: the document management mess

045.1993-10-01       Global Network Navigator goes online;
		     upcoming Internet conference

046.1993-10-06       CD-ROM Expo '93

047.1993-10-12       IEEE Expert on knowledge-based document

048.1993-10-12       Interleaf announces Interleaf6

049.1993-10-22       Gilbane Report: Electronic Delivery

050.1993-11-01       SGML '93 and SGML Europe '94

050.1994-03-23       Reminder for SGML Europe '94

051.1993-11-03       Publish on on-line document delivery;
		     PC Magazine on portability

052.1993-11-05       Microsoft fact sheet

053.1993-11-12       World Wide Web; Documation show

054.1993-11-17       Archived SGML information; sample SGML
		     marked-up document

055.1993-11-22       Mitch Kapor endorses information highway

056.1993-11-29       Novell: Commercial hypertext applications

057.1993-12-01       Bill Gates on SGML; Wessels, Arnold &

058.1993-12-06       Prentice Hall book series on SGML

059.1993-12-08       SGML authoring vs. SGML conversion: which

060.1993-12-13       Online newsgroup: comp.text.sgml

061.1993-12-16       BYTE Magazine says flexibility is key to

062.1993-12-20       SGML overview in News 3x/400; Table of

063.1993-12-27       Novell Seeks SGMLers: II

064.1994-01-04       Article for the CIO

065.1994-01-07       The Internet connection

066.1994-01-10       Silicon Graphics' IRIS InSight & SGML

067.1994-01-20       Microsoft speaks out on SGML

068.1994-02-04       The World Wide Web Information

069.1994-02-08       The SGML Year in Review 1993

070.1994-02-15       "Killer Apps" -- SGML in the newspaper &
		     magazine world

071.1994-02-22       Call for papers on Multimedia etc..

072.1994-02-25       Press release: SGML for electronic
		     delivery of documents

073.1994-03-04       Network Computing: Adobe Interoperability

074.1994-03-07       "Electronic Documents" on conversion &

075.1994-03-09       Upcoming conferences: Avalanche User's
		     Conference, Mapping the Future of

076.1994-03-17       SGML and the European Economic Community's
		     CAPS (Communication and Access to
		     Information for Persons with Special Needs)

077.1994-03-22       Seybold Report offers full analysis of SGML

078.1994-03-28       E-mail interchange: SGML & ODA activity

079.1994-03-29       SGML Forum of New York: Passage Systems,
		     U. of Chicago Press, Microsoft

080.1994-04-01       Hypertext '93 summary

081.1994-04-05       SGML in the news: CALS Journal, PC
		     Client-Server Computing

082.1994-04-12       News of World Wide Web applications:
		     on EDUPAGE and in the press

083.1994-04-18       Listing of SGML tools

084.1994-05-02       SGML & HTML: What's the difference?

085.1994-05-05       Updated TOC

086.1994-05-06       - SGML Tools: new archive site
		     - Seybold Awards for Excellence: WWW - WWW
		     in PC Week

087.1994-05-09       SGML press update: LAN Times, PC

088.1994-05-12       CALS Journal Reference Guide '94

089.1994-05-27       Easy access to Internet information highway

090.1994-05-27       SoftQuad ships HoTMetaL - first commercial
		     editor for the internet

091.1994-06-07       Mecklermedia announces MecklerWeb for
		     corporate communications and marketing on
		     the Internet

092.1994-06-07       Interleaf ships Worldview2;

		     Interleaf forms technology partnership to
		     produce first document management system
		     with native SGML object management

093.1994-06-08       Internet World:  What's a World-Wide Web?

094.1994-06-13       SGML in the news: Publish Mag and
		     Washington Technology

095.1994-06-14       SGML in PC Magazine: The Less-Paper Office

096.1994-06-17       update on SoftQuad HoTMeTaL;
		     EBT announces WWW server

097.1994-06-20       Novell manual set as SGML demo

098.1994-06-23       SoftQuad ships HoTMeTaL for Windows

099.1994-06-24       PC Magazine on the WWW; HTML & SGML
		     in Seybold

100.1994-06-29       ActiveSystems to offer Internet publishers
		     SGML-to-HTML conversion utilities from
		     Avalanche Development Corp.

101.1994-07-01       TagWrite for Ventura Publisher;
		     Holocaust Museum on the WWW

102.1994-07-08       HyTime conference in Vancouver

103.1994-07-11       Datapro's "Information Management and
		     Workflow Analyst" CD-ROM

104.1994-07-12       MIT and CERN to develop Internet standards;
		     Sun goes on the World Wide Web

105.1994-07-18       Newmedia Magazine: SGML & HTML

106.1994-07-20       CALS/Enterprise Integration: What Every
		     CIO Should Know About SGML;  SoftQuad's
		     CD-ROM "SGML World Tour"

107.1994-07-21       Correction to issue 106.1994-07-20

108.1994-07-27       World Wide Web FAQ (frequently asked

109.1994-07-28       SGML bibliography

110.1994.07-29       Gilbane Report on document management
		     & Documation

111.1994.08-18       Seybold San Francisco approaching fast

112.1994.08-25       Microsoft & Avalanche to announce
		     joint SGML offering at Seybold

113.1994.09-02       Charles Goldfarb, creator of SGML, leaves

114.1994.09-12       Avalanche announces SureSTYLE:
		     a companion software product to Microsoft
		     SGML Author for Word

115.1994.09-12       Avalanche announces SGML Author Assistant
		     for Microsoft Word

116.1994-09-23       Dave Raggett's paper on HTML+

117.1994-09-26       A beginner's guide to HTML

118.1994-10-04       Government Printing Office achieves
		     search & retrieval using SGML

119.1994-10-06       standards update in CALS Journal

120.1994-10-07       SGML '94 approaching quickly;
		     "Mecklerweb up and running"

121.1994-10-18       Avalancher Newsletter goes on the Web

122.1994-10-19       Web World call for papers

123.1994-10-20       IDI delivers SGML system to SAAB

124.1994-10-25       The Davenport Group

125.1994-10-26       SGML Open's involvement with the Web

126.1994-11-01       World Wide Web '94 Trip Report

127.1994-11-07       Full coverage of SGML & HTML in
		     Release 1.0

128.1994-11-08       Arbortext announces ElectronicReview

129.1994-11-10       Documation France '94

130.1994-11-14       Interleaf announces Cyberleaf for
		     Internet publishing

131.1994-11-15       SGML Comes into the Mainstream:
		     Seybold Special Report

		     SGML for the Masses:  <TAG> The SGML

132.1994-11-18       SGML '94 newsbytes: SGML Year in Review

133.1994-11-18       SGML '94 newsbytes: Product Announcements

134.1994-12-01       SGML Open's Web URL & home page

135.1994-12-06       SGML and HTML in the news: eight recent
		     articles in computer trade press

136.1994-12-08       Personal Library Software announces "PLWEB"

137.1994-12-12       Interleaf's Cyberleaf for Web publishing

138.1994-12-13       United Airlines uses Arbortext for SGML...
		     also uses Autotrol, Avalanche, Carberry,
		     Datalogics, EBT, Infodesign, Xerox

139.1994-12-14       SGML '94 wrap-up in Seybold

140.1994-12-19       SGML Web Page: online resource of

141.1994-12-22       SGML Europe '95; SGML in Network World;
		     consortium of semiconductor vendors uses

142.1995-01-05       Gilbane Report on corporate publishing
		     on the Internet

143.1995-01-09       HTML whitepaper:
		     a proposal for the scalability of HTML

144.1995-01-10       Universal Text Format for news distribution

145.1995-01-11       UTF document: where to get more info

146.1995-01-13       World Wide Web-Related Conferences:
		     Web World and Seybold Seminars Boston

147.1995-01-24       SGML, HTML and the Web in the news:
		     PC Magazine, Federal Computer Week,
		     NewMedia Magazine

148.1995-02-02       Novell joins SGML Open; The SGML
		     Hornbook; The American Association of Law
		     Libraries & the Net

149.1995-02-27       Interleaf ships Cyberleaf for UNIX

150.1995-03-02       HTML featured in BYTE Magazine

151.1995-03-06       SGML Forum of New York

152.1995-03-13       Gilbane Report discusses:
		     * CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) --
		       "SGML for graphics" * SGML as an
		     interoperability standard

153.1995-03-21       Reminder for SGML Europe '95

154.1995-03-28       CALS/Enterprise Integration Journal's
		     Reference Guide '95

155.1995-03-29       SGML for CD-ROM Publishing

156.1995-04-14       SGML for Kirsten, New List Manager

157.1995-04-14       Desktop Magic
		     Document Management Book Overview

158.1995-04-25       CW Document Management,
		     SGML Research Grants

159.1995-05-10       Seybold Awards for Excellence
		     and SGML Industry Update

160.1995-05-20       SGML Open, A New Standard - OCPS

161.1995-06-02       SGML for the Web, and Document

162.1995-06-22       Computer Shopper article on SGML

163.1995-06-23       SunExpert article HTML/SGML

164.1995-06-28       Evaluation Software: Fred

165.1995-07-05       Upcoming Conferences

166.1995-07-12       New Magazine:  E-COMM

167.1995-07-25       More! Upcoming Conferences

168.1995-08-09       1995 SGML User Survey

169.1995-08-11       WIRED MAGAZINE: SGML Article

170.1995-08-28       REMINDER: Deadline for 1995 Survey


172.1995-09-14       1995 SGML USER CASE-STUDY RESULTS

173.1995-09-19       PC MAGAZINE: SGML AUTHOR FOR WORD

174.1995-09-22       PC WEEK: NOVELL TO SHIP WP 6.1 SGML EDITION

175.1995-09-29       NEW: BOSTON SGML USER'S GROUP


177.1995-10-18       STC WORKSHOP IN ALBUQUERQUE, NM


179.1995-10-26       1995 SGML USER CASE-STUDY RESULTS PART II





184.1995-12-13       SGML FTP and WWW Sites

185.1995-12-21       SGML Forum of NY Meeting

186.1996-01-09       Microsoft's SGML Author Solutions Conf.

187.1996-01-17       Interleaf Press Release on I6 SGML

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