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WavePhore Announces Internet Broadcast Service NewsPak

Real-time News Feeds From Associated Press, PR Newswire, COMTEX, and Others Available For Integration Into Web Sites Using XML

PHOENIX, Ariz. - APRIL 7, 1999 - WavePhore, Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVO) announced today the availability of the beta release of WavePhore NewsPak. NewsPak enables easy integration of streaming real-time news, selected from more than 70 industry categories, into web sites. NewsPak includes both real-time news feeds and the NewsPak Software Developers Kit (SDK). The NewsPak SDK is based on XML, the new universal standard for information exchange. The SDK contains the tools necessary for web site owners to accept a real-time streaming XML news feed from WavePhore, store extracted content on their local server, then display this content in a style consistent with the rest of their site. The NewsPak architecture supports such enhancements as Internet broadcasting of streaming audio and video. WavePhore will demonstrate NewsPak at Spring Internet World in Los Angeles next week in booth #1469.

Real-time, industry specific news brings more web site visitors more often and keeps them there longer. NewsPak is "sticky" content that adds value to information already on a web site. Streaming content that automatically refreshes itself, like NewsPak, keeps site operating costs low while keeping the site fresh and interesting.

"As the leading broadcaster of content via Internet, satellite, and FM for the world's largest, most respected news organizations, WavePhore is uniquely positioned to deliver NewsPak. Our years of expertise as well as through our established relationships with more than 4,500 premiere content sources enables us to provide web site owners with the most robust news solutions," said David Deeds, Chairman, President and CEO, WavePhore. "The Extensible Markup Language (XML), a cornerstone of NewsPak, is changing the fundamental nature of news and information broadcasting over the Internet. The wide variety of formats and delivery mechanisms introduced in the past by content producers defined a mission for WavePhore: aggregate, normalize, and redistribute news in a standard format. With the addition of full audio and video streaming, NewsPak will become the most complete source of multimedia news and information."

Content Agreements Announced with Associated Press, PR Newswire and COMTEX

NewsPak makes adding news to any web site easy by removing the burden of licensing. For a fixed-fee each month, web sites subscribe to a customized basic NewsPak package containing content from leading information providers, PR Newswire and COMTEX Scientific Corporation (OTC BB: CMTX) for COMTEX Newsroom. Premium content will be available from Associated Press and additional providers. Together, these information providers deliver content from 34 premiere news sources collectively generating more than 2,000 stories per day.

PR Newswire distributes full-text news releases electronically to the media and financial community. With 29 U.S. bureaus, five overseas PRN International bureaus, an exclusive partnership with Canada NewsWire and its vast network of wire, fax, e-mail and Internet delivery, PR Newswire serves the news release needs of public relations and investor relations professionals worldwide.

COMTEX Newsroom enhanced products -- Top Headlines, Front Page, and Investor Alert -- feature the top stories of the day in a broad range of news story options, covering personal finance, stock market movements, and these vertical markets: Aerospace & Defense, Airlines, Automotive, Banking & Finance, Bonds, Business, Community, Computer Hardware, Computer Networks, Corporate News, Earnings, Economy, Energy, Environment, Finance, Government, Healthcare, High Tech, Household & Consumer Products, Insurance, International, International Markets, Leisure & Tourism, Mergers & Acquisitons, Oil, Publishing, Sports, Telecommunications and Utilities.

AP Online is a news service compiled and edited from the national and international wires of The Associated Press. Stories are focused, concise and categorized for easy selection. Approximately 600 stories move real time each day covering topics including: national and international news, business and financial coverage, sports stories and scores, entertainment, politics and weather.

Beta Testing Underway with Leading Companies

NewsPak beta testing has commenced with more than a dozen organizations developing a wide range of applications from enterprise-wide news delivery to providing news to customers on corporate web sites. WavePhore is pleased to count CCBN.com (Corporate Communications Broadcast Network) among its NewsPak beta testers. Founded by the creator of First Call, CCBN.com has quickly become the number one provider of Web-based solutions to the Investor Relations market.

"NewsPak allows us to easily add company-specific news to the more than 500 web sites we manage for our clients, which brings to their site more users who come back again and again," said Rob Adler, President of CCBN.Com. "With NewsPak, we can keep our sites current for our clients' shareholders, while keeping our operating costs down so our clients' get an affordable service."

WavePhore will showcase the work of its beta testers on the NewsPak web site. To become a NewsPak beta tester, register at http://www.newspak.com.

About WavePhore
WavePhore, Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVO) is the leading new media content integrator and architect of digital delivery systems. It partners with the foremost providers of news, business data, Internet based content and multimedia programming to deliver selective intelligence and quality content to an information-dependent society. Additional information on WavePhore is available via the Internet at www.wavephore.com.


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