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WavePhore Introduces NewsPak

Real-Time News Made Real Easy

Phoenix, AZ - If you've ever tried to add news to your enterprise or external web site, you probably discovered that it's not as simple as it seems. Even if you survive the daunting negotiations with content providers, you quickly learn that processing news from many different sources - in different formats - requires powerful (not to mention expensive) equipment and software. But NewsPak from WavePhore has changed all that.

NewsPak gives web site operators and developers the power to put pre-licensed, real-time news from top-name content sources right on their sites with minimal development.

"This service allows us to easily add company-specific news to the more than 500 web sites we manage for our clients...bringing more readers who come back to their site again and again," said Rob Adler, President of CCBN.com. As savvy developers know, this "sticky content" adds value to the information already on a site. "With NewsPak, we can keep our sites current for our clients' shareholders, while keeping our operating costs down so clients get an affordable service," Mr. Adler said.

Through content agreements from premiere providers, NewsPak delivers content from 34 top news sources generating more than 2,000 stories each day.

These Content Providers include AP Online, compiled and edited from the wires of the Associated Press. AP Online delivers approximately 600 stories a day, including national and international news, business and financial coverage, sports stories and scores, entertainment, politics, and even weather. PR Newswire is also a key provider, distributing full-text news releases for public relations and investor relations professionals worldwide. And provider partner COMTEX Newsroom provides enhanced products featuring the top stories in personal finance, stock market movements

"As the leading provider of Internet, satellite, and FM content delivery for the world's largest, most respected news organizations, WavePhore is uniquely positioned to deliver NewsPak. Our years of expertise as well as our established relationships with more than 4,500 premiere content sources enable us to provide web site owners with the most robust news solutions," said David Deeds, Chairman, President and CEO, WavePhore.

NewsPak is also the first to deliver content in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. And WavePhore is actively involved with the XMLNews initiative, which supports and promotes the use of XML and other open standards for news delivery. XML enables providers to distribute all content in a single, standardized format.

WavePhore's NewsPak product will deliver most of the major North American news feeds in the two open XML formats defined by the XMLNews initiative. These include XMLNews-Story for content and XMLNews-Meta for metadata. Both formats are compatible with open industry standards such as RDF (Resource Description Format) and NITF (News Industry Test Format). They can also be processed with any XML-enabled software. In addition to fully conforming implementation, WavePhore incorporates appealing enhancements. For example, news story metadata items are presented in a single, standardized format, but original vendor-supplied metadata tags are available as well, all appropriately identified in the XML file.

"XML is changing the fundamental nature of news and information delivery over the Internet," said Mr. Deeds. "The wide variety of formats and delivery mechanisms introduced in the past by news publishers defined a mission for WavePhore: aggregate, normalize, and redistribute news in a standard format that makes adding news to any web site easy and inexpensive."

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