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                        April 15, 2003

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Featured News Stories

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Liberty Alliance Releases Phase 2 Specifications for Federated Network
The Liberty Alliance Project has published draft versions of its Phase
2 specifications and guidelines for identity-based web services. The
technical specification drafts provide new elements to Liberty
Alliance's Federated Network Identity Architecture. New drafts of
security and privacy implementation guidelines and a "Privacy and
Security Best Practices" document highlight global privacy laws and
fair information practices.

Last Call Draft for Mathematical Markup Language V2.0 Second Edition.
W3C has issued a Last Call Working Draft "Mathematical Markup Language
(MathML) Version 2.0 (2nd Edition)." MathML is an XML application that
allows mathematical notation and content to be served and processed on
the Web. The Second Edition introduces an XML Schema which supports
stricter checking of a MathML fragment than by DTD validation. An
XHTML+MathML version with inline examples is suitable for viewing with
a MathML enabled browser.

Global Justice Publishes Prerelease Version 3 for Justice XML Data
Dictionary (JXDD).
The Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (US Department of
Justice, Office of Justice Programs) has provided new information on
the Justice XML Data Model, including a prerelease of the Justice XML
Data Dictionary V3.0. JXDD prerelease version 3 is intended to solicit
review and feedback from the justice and public safety communities.
The release includes XML Schemas and PDF documentation for JXDD types
and properties.

IBM alphaWorks Releases XML Forms Package.
IBM alphaWorks has released an 'XML Forms Package' as one of several
new technologies. The toolkit consists of software components designed
to showcase possibilities presented by the W3C Candidate
Recommendation specification. It allows developers to deploy XForms
applications without client-side technologies, using the Java XForms
compiler. Extensions support binding of XForms to Web Services, off-
line operations, and rich UI controls.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"OASIS to Get BPEL4WS Jurisdiction. Web Services Specification Finally
Goes to Standards Body." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (April 15, 2003).
Microsoft, IBM, and BEA Systems plan to submit their Web services
choreography and business process specification to a standards body
later this week; the Business Process Execution Language for Web
Services (BPEL4WS) specification is expected to be submitted to
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
"Liberty Alliance Moves Ahead." By Peter Judge. In CNET
(April 15, 2003). At the RSA 2003 Conference, proponents of the
Liberty Alliance Project provided details on their Phase Two federated
network identity specifications and demonstrated new features.
"Liberty Alliance Releases Phase 2 Specifications, Demos Vendor
Interoperability." By Charlene O'Hanlon. In CRN (April 15, 2003). The
Liberty Alliance released Phase 2 of its draft identity-based Web
services specifications and demonstrated interoperability of services
with 20 of its member companies.
"The Fedora Project: An Open-source Digital Object Repository
Management System." By Thornton Staples, Ross Wayland, and Sandra
Payette. In D-Lib Magazine Volume 9, Number 4 (April 2003). ISSN
1082-9873. The Fedora architecture is based on object models that by
definition are templates for units of content, called data objects,
which can include digital resources, metadata about the resources, and
linkages to software tools and services that have been configured to
deliver the content in desired ways.
"State of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, April 2003." By Makx
Dekkers (Managing Director, DCMI) and Stuart Weibel (Consulting
Research Scientist, OCLC Office of Research). In D-Lib Magazine Volume
9, Number 4 (April 2003). ISSN 1082-9873. The Dublin Core Metadata
Initiative continues to grow in participation and recognition as the
predominant resource discovery metadata standard on the Internet; with
its approval as ISO 15836, DC is firmly established as a foundation
block of modular, interoperable metadata for distributed resources.
"Guidelines for Implementing Dublin Core in XML." Dublin Core Metadata
Initiative Recommendation. 2003-04-02. Edited by Andy Powell and Pete
Johnston (UKOLN, University of Bath). This document provides
guidelines for people implementing Dublin Core metadata applications
using XML.
"XML Transactions for Web Services, Part 1." By Faheem Khan. From (April 15, 2003). The first in a multipart
examination of the role of transactions in building complex, federated
web services. Faheem Khan explains the scenarios in which web service
developers can use transactions, as well as two of the most crucial
specifications: WS-Transaction and WS-Coordination.'
"Adobe's XML-Based Offering Can Revolutionize Form-Based Processes."
By Rita Knox. Gartner Research Note. Reference: Note Number:
FT-19-8041. April 11, 2003. Adobe has created a new class of product
that automates form-based processes and can tie into back-end systems.
"Web Services Specification Still Not Ready for Standardization.
BPEL4WS Remains in Founders' Jurisdiction." By Paul Krill. In
InfoWorld (April 11, 2003). A specification for Web services
choreography and business processes introduced by Microsoft, IBM, and
BEA Systems last August remains under its founders' jurisdiction,
despite repeated assurances of its pending submission to an industry
standards organization.
"The Semantic Blog." By Jon Udell. From (April 15,
2003). Weblogs and XML-enabled databases can help find the semantic-
web sweet spot.
"Implementing WS-Security: A Case Study." By Sam Thompson (jStart
Program Manager for Web services, IBM). From IBM developerWorks, Web
services. April 2003. The article describes how the emerging WS-
Security standard was used to secure a Web service that was developed
and deployed in the fall of 2002 -- using a combination of HTTPS/SSL,
digital certificates, and digital signature technologies.
"Using Categorization To Distinguish Entries And Create Communities in
UDDI. Developing and Using a Validation Service for Checked Categories
in UDDI." By Matt Rutkowski, Andrew Hately, and Robert Chumbley (UDDI
Development, Emerging Technologies, IBM). From IBM developerWorks, Web
services. April 2, 2003. The article describes the power of
categorization in UDDI to differentiate data according to standard
taxonomies and how to use categorization to create a subset of the
registry that has been screened by an external party.
"Liberty Releases Draft of New Spec." By Dennis Fisher. In eWEEK
(April 15, 2003). The Liberty Alliance Project on has released a draft
of its second-generation specification for federated identity
"SyncML Device Management: An Emerging Protocol Standard for Managing
Devices." By Rajkiran Guru (Software Engineer, IBM India Software
Labs). From IBM developerWorks, Wireless. April 2003. With pervasive
devices overwhelming today's market, developers need a standard
protocol to set up and reconfigure devices, update software, and
register new services remotely. The SyncML Device Management Protocol
helps you do just that without having to commit to a proprietary
"Emerging Technology: XML - The End of Security Through Obscurity?" By
Andy Dornan. In Network Magazine (April 14, 2003). New Web services
protocols make data easy to read-and almost as easy to hide.
"Making Sure Web Services Get Along. Specs Complete a Framework For
Reliable, Interoperable Messaging." By Edward J. Correia. In Software
Development Times (April 15, 2003). BEA Systems Inc., IBM Corp.,
Microsoft Corp. and TIBCO Software Inc. in mid-March published a pair
of new specifications the companies claim will improve the reliability
and interoperability of messaging for Web services.
"MathML: Enabling Mathematical Functionality on the Web." By Ayesha
Malik. In XML Journal Volume 4, Issue 04 (April 2003). An overview of
MathML features in terms of the key markup elements.
"What's New in XSLT 2.0." By Jeff Kenton. In XML Journal Volume 4,
Issue 04 (April 2003). A survey of new features in XSLT version 2.0.
"Simplifying the Development of Transactional Web Apps." By David
Litwack. In XML Journal Volume 4, Issue 04 (April 2003). XForms, the
next generation of forms to be included in the XHTML standard, and now
a W3C Candidate Recommendation, improves on HTML forms by cleanly
separating data, logic, and presentation.
"The Interview: Liam Quin." By Russell Dyer. From
(April 09, 2003). Russell Dyer talks to Liam Quin, XML Activity Lead
at the World Wide Web Consortium, XML book author, and typography and
markup enthuasiast.
"Processing RSS." By Ivelin Ivanov. From (April 09, 2003). The
goal of this article is to demonstrate the use of XQuery to accomplish
a routine, yet interesting task; in particular, to render an HTML page
that merges RSS news feeds from two different weblogs.
"Gems From the Archives." By Uche Ogbuji. From (April 09,
2003). In this month's Python and XML column Uche Ogbuji hunts for
treasures in the archives of the Python XML SIG, locating interesting
tidbits for producing and displaying XML.
"Axis-orizing Objects for SOAP. Go from Java Objects to a SOAP Web
Service with Apache Axis." By Mitch Gitman. In Java World (April 14,
2003). Apache Axis holds great promise as an open source Java
framework for implementing Web services over XML-based SOAP (Simple
Object Access Protocol).
"New Tools Aim to Secure Corporate IT." By Sandeep Junnarkar and
Martin LaMonica. In CNET (April 14, 2003). "At the RSA
Conference 2003, a bevy of technology companies unveiled a slew of
security products aimed at protecting corporate IT infrastructure.
"Application Vulnerability Description Language Coined." By John
Leyden. In The Register (April 14, 2003). Security vendors joined
together today to back a standard for describing application security
"Standards Organizations Share the Stage at RSA. Security Event to
Host Liberty Alliance, XML Spec News." By Paul Roberts. In InfoWorld
(April 14, 2003). At the RSA Conference three separate technology
standards organizations will publicize their latest initiatives,
guidelines and working groups.
"Liberty Alliance Submitting Spec to OASIS. Turning Work Over to
Standards Body for First Time." By John Fontana. In InfoWorld (April
11, 2003). Handing Version 1.1 over to OASIS is a milestone because
Liberty , which has 160 members, is now fully aligned with SAML and
"Web Services Security: Non-Repudiation." Edited by Eric L.
Gravengaard (Reactivity, Inc). Contributors: Grant Goodale, Michael
Hanson, Brian Roddy, and Dan Walkowski (Reactivity). Submitted to the
OASIS Web Services Security TC. Document identifier: 'web-services-
non-repudiation-05'. 11-April-2003. 19 pages. Posted to the WSS
Mailing List 11-April-2003 by Eric Gravengaard. The specification
defines a method for requesting and sending message disposition
receipts inside SOAP message headers. This specification makes use of
the WSS and XML Digital Signature specifications.
"Technology Update: WebDAV Secures Collaboration." By Lisa Dusseault
(Xythos Software; Co-Chair of the IETF WebDAV Working Group). In
Network World (April 07, 2003). Web-based Distributed Authoring and
Versioning is an extension of HTTP that lets users collaborate via the

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Liberty Alliance Releases New Specifications, Privacy and Security
Guidelines to Drive Development of Identity-Based Web Services.
Liberty Alliance Announces New Management Board Representatives
Ericsson, Fidelity Investments, Novell and VeriSign, Inc. As
Consortium Gains Momentum."

"Liberty Alliance Contributes Phase 1 Network Identity Specifications
to OASIS for Consideration in SAML 2.0."

"Business Layers and Netegrity Partner on Industry's First
Demonstration of SPML at RSA Conference.  Vendors Present First XML
Specification to Leverage Web Services for Secure Federated Resource

"OASIS Members Collaborate to Address Security Vulnerabilities for
Web Services and Web Applications."

"Sonic Software Releases Sonic ESB 5.0. Newest Release of Industry's
First Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Adds High Availability,
Scalability and Security Capabilities, Award-winning Development

"Leading Application Security Vendors Propose New XML-Based
Interoperability Standard Through OASIS. Application Vulnerability
Description Language Will Enable Easy Communication Between Products
That Find, Block, Fix, and Report Application Security

"XyEnterprise Announces Release of XML Professional Publisher 7.2."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

OASIS Open Standards Conference 2003.  October 1 - 3, 2003.  Grace
Hotel, Sydney, Australia.

Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation 2003 Workshop (IAMC
2003).  August 07, 2003. Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

ALLC/ACH 2003.  Joint International Conference of the Association for
Computers and the Humanities Association for Literary and Linguistic
Computing. "Web X: A Decade of the World Wide Web."  May 29 - June 2,
2003. The Georgia Center for Continuing Education, The University of

DAMA International Symposium & Wilshire Meta-Data Conference.  The 7th
Annual Wilshire Meta-Data Conference and the 15th Annual DAMA
International Symposium.  April 27 - May 1, 2003. Renaissance Orlando
Resort at Seaworld, Orlando, Florida, USA.

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2003.  April 22 - 25, 2003.
Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA, USA.

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