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                        February 11, 2003

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Featured News Stories

Recently featured news stories from the Cover Pages news at:  OR

XACML 1.0 Specification Set Approved as an OASIS Standard.
OASIS has announced the successful balloting and approval of the
Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) a new OASIS Open
Standard. Formal language definitions are provided in XML Schema
Definitions (a Policy Schema and a Context Schema ). Chaired by
Carlisle Adams (Entrust) and Hal Lockhart (BEA Systems), the XACML TC
has created this XML specification for expressing policies for
information access over the Internet.

Happy Birthday XML.
We commemorate the progress of meta-markup in modern times on two
special days: October 15, 1986 marked the official publication of "ISO
8879: Standard Generalized Markup Language", while February 10, 1998
saw the official publication of SGML's (hitherto) most successful
profile, the W3C Recommendation "Extensible Markup Language (XML)
1.0". Dave Hollander and C. M. Sperberg-McQueen of W3C have written an
essay offering retrospects.

OGC Announces OpenGIS Geography Markup Language Implementation
Specification (GML 3).
The Open GIS Consortium has released "OpenGIS Geography Markup
Language (GML) Implementation Specification" V3.0 featuring a new
modular design. GML is an XML grammar written in XML Schema for the
modelling, transport, and storage of geographic information; it
provides a variety of kinds of objects for describing geography
including features, coordinate reference systems, geometry, topology,
time, units of measure and generalized values.

OAGI Releases Open Applications Group Integration Specification
Version 8.1-Beta-1.
The Open Applications Group (OAGI) has announced the release of OAGIS
Version 8.1-Beta-1. OAGIS BODs (Business Object Documents) are defined
using XML Schema and support a common horizontal message architecture.
V8.1 has 430 BODs and incorporates refinements in modeling of business
messages. It makes full use of the ebXML CoreComponent Specifications
and includes full support for the UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical
Specification (CCTS) version 1.90.

OASIS XML Common Biometric Format Moves Toward Standardization.
The "XML Common Biometric Format" specification from the OASIS XML
Common Biometric Format TC has been announced as an OASIS Committee
Specification and is promoted for public review. Biometrics are
automated methods of recognizing a person based on physiological or
behavioral characteristics. XCBF defines cryptographic messages
represented in XML markup for the secure collection, distribution, and
processing of biometric information.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"BEA Adding Web Services to Tuxedo. Transaction Processing Software
Being Upgraded." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (February 10, 2003).
"HTML to Formatting Objects (FO) Conversion Guide. Use These XSLT
Templates to Speed Your Conversions of HTML Elements to FO and Thence
to PDF." By Doug Tidwell (developerWorks' Cyber Evangelist, IBM
developerWorks). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone. February 2003.
"Business Layers, Netegrity Spur SPML. SPML Demo Targeted for RSA
Conference." By Brian Fonseca. In InfoWorld (February 11, 2003).
Identity Management for the Service Provisioning Markup Language
"Netegrity Releases SAML Agent. Software Secures User ID." By Paul
Roberts. In InfoWorld (February 10, 2003). Netegrity and Oblix
announce support for SAML in identity management software.
".Net Patent Could Stifle Standards Effort." By Lisa M. Bowman. In
CNET (February 10, 2003). Microsoft patent application for a
set of .NET-related API functions.
"Making Way for 3G Offerings." By Carmen Nobel. In eWEEK (February 10,
2003). HP to demo Mobile Service Delivery Platform (MSDP) at 3GSM
World Congress.,3959,878702,00.asp
"Putting Liberty to Work. Sun ONE Identity Server 6.0 Builds Powerful
Cross-Domain Authentication on LibertyAlliance Specification." Review
from InfoWorld Test Center (February 7, 2003).
"Microsoft Christens XDocs Application 'InfoPath'. Application Aims to
Help End-Users Edit Forms Using XML." By James Niccolai. In InfoWorld
(February 10, 2003).
"Managing Enumerations in W3C XML Schemas." By Anthony Coates. From (February 05, 2003). Suggests strategies for handling
enumerations in schemas, accounting for the volatility of each
"BrownSauce: An RDF Browser." By Damian Steer. From (February
05, 2003). Discussion of the BrownSauce RDF browser, a SourceForge
"XSLT, Browsers, and JavaScript." By Bob DuCharme. From
(February 05, 2003). How to integrate JavaScript into the result of
XSLT transformations.
"Is GML Only for Internet GIS?" By Mark Prins (CARIS Geographic
Informations Systems BV). In Directions Magazine (February 07, 2003).
Growing support for Geography Markup Language, recently updated to
version 3.0.
"XML Serialization in the .NET Framework." By Dare Obasanjo (Microsoft
Corporation). In Microsoft MSDN Library (January 23, 2003).
"Executable UML: Diagrams for the Future." By Gerry Boyd. In
WebBuilder (February 05, 2003).
"E-Authentication Waits For Rest Of The Pack." By Dipka Bhambhani. In
(February 05, 2003).
"Web Services Market Up For Grabs." By Dawn Kawamoto and Mike
Ricciuti. In CNET (February 07, 2003).,39001153,39112820,00.htm
"Liberty Alliance Releases ID Management Specification. White Paper
Explains Possible Interoperability." By Paul Roberts. In InfoWorld
(February 07, 2003). White paper on 'Identity Systems and Liberty
Specification Version 1.1 Interoperability.'
"An Introduction to Using XLIFF. Technical Aspects and Implementation
of XML Localisation Interchange File Format." By Yves Savourel (RWS
Group). In MultiLingual Computing and Technology #54, Volume 14, Issue
2 (March 2003), pages 28-34.
"Another Step Closer to B2B." By John K. Waters. In Application
Development Trends (February 05, 2003).
"Python: Language of Choice for EAI." By Aron Trauring (CEO, Zoteca).
In EAI Journal Volume 5, Number 1 (January 2003), pages 43-46.
"Standards Muddy 'Open' Waters." By Ed Scannell, Heather Havenstein,
and Tom Sullivan. In InfoWorld (February 05, 2003).
"Interwoven Unties MetaTagger From TeamSite." By [Seybold Bulletin
Staff, edited by Patricia Evans]. In The Bulletin: Seybold News and
Views On Electronic Publishing Volume 8, Number 18 (February 05,
"Transactions and Web Services." By Boris Lublinsky (CNA Insurance).
In EAI Journal Volume 5, Number 1 (February 05, 2003), pages 35-42. A
comparative study of Web Services Transactions (WS-Transaction) and
Business Transaction Protocol (BTP).
"What the Hell is IBM Information Integrator?" By Phil Howard. In The
Register [IT Analysis]. (February 05, 2003). IBM's new products based
upon Xperanto.
"XML Matters: reStructuredText. A Light, Powerful Document Markup." By
David Mertz, Ph.D. (Floating Signifier, Gnosis Software, Inc). From
IBM developerWorks, XML zone. February 2003. reStructuredText is one
of the official source formats for Python documentation.

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"BEA Announces Web Services Release of BEA Tuxedo. Integration with
BEA Platform Extends Tuxedo's Service-Oriented Architecture to the Web
and Leverages Best of J2EE."
"Netegrity and Business Layers to Demonstrate Support for Service
Provisioning Markup Language (SPML). Vendors Are First to Exhibit XML
Based Solution for Identity Management."
"Oblix Delivers Comprehensive SAML Integration to Provide Advanced
Identity Management and Web Access Control. Oblix NetPoint 6.1 Enables
Seamless User Authentication and Authorization Across Corporate
Extranets Via Secure XML-Based Web Services Standard."
"Netegrity Delivers SAML Affiliate Agent to Lower Cost and Complexity
of Federated Security Across Partner Sites.  Enables Companies to
Securely Partner in Order to Provide Enhanced Services to Users."
"Microsoft InfoPath (Formerly "XDocs") Supports Healthcare XML Data
Standard.  Microsoft's Information-Gathering Application to Be
Featured in Upcoming Solution by Amicore."
"OASIS Members Form Emergency Management Technical Committee.
Consortium to Advance Incident Preparedness and Response."
"Interwoven MetaTagger 3.5 Dramatically Enhances Effectiveness of
Enterprise Portals with Highly Relevant Content. Metadata Platform Now
Integrates with Any Content Source to Enhance Key Portal Components
Like Search and Personalization, Boosting Productivity and Lowering
Support Costs."
"Computas Announces Major Enhancements to Its Metis Modeling Toolset
for Building Enterprise Architecture Models in Federal Agencies. New
Metis Version 3.3 Software Provides Web-enabled Modeling Solution for
federal CIOs, Strategic Planners, and Systems Integrators Implementing
e-Government Mandates."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

IUC 23.  Twenty-third International Unicode Conference.  "Unicode,
Internationalization and the Web: The Global Connection."  March 24 -
28, 2003.  Marriott Prague Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic.

First Conference (OOoCon 2003). March 20 - 21, 2003.
University of Hamburg, Germany.

First Asian FIX Conference. "The Life Cycle of a Trade: Achieving a
Seamless Front to Back Process Utilising FIX and STP."  March 20,
2003. Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong.

Conference on Open Source for National and Local eGovernment Programs
in the U.S. and EU. March 17 - 19, 2003.  Cafritz Conference Center,
The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA.

13th International Workshop on Research Issues on Data Engineering.
RIDE 2003.  "Multi-lingual Information Management."  March 10 - 11,
2003. Hyderabad, India.

XML Web Services One 2003.  March 3 - 6, 2003.  Santa Clara Marriott,
Santa Clara, CA, USA.

W3C XForms Working Group Implementation Workshop.  February 27 - 28,
2003. Novell Office, Waltham, MA, USA.

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