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                        January 28, 2003

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Featured News Stories

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UBL Technical Committee Releases First Draft of XML Schemas for
Electronic Trade.
A posting from Jon Bosak (UBL TC Chair) announces the publication of
XML Schemas and related documentation for the Universal Business
Language (UBL), released as the first draft of a royalty-free data
representation standard for electronic business documents. The seven
basic documents covered in this release include Order, Order Response,
Simple Order Response, Order Cancellation, Despatch Advice, Receipt
Advice, and Invoice.

W3C Charters Timed-Text Working Group (TTWG).
W3C has created a new Timed Text Working Group (TTWG) as part of the
Synchronized Multimedia Activity (SYMM). The WG will develop an XML-
based format used for the representation of streamable text
synchronized with some other timed media, like audio and video.
Typical applications include real time subtitling of foreign-language
movies, ticker-tape displays, captioning, karaoke, scrolling news
items, credit rolls, or teleprompter applications.

Trang Multi-Format Schema Converter Supports DTD to W3C XML Schema
James Clark announced a new release of Trang, a Multi-Format Schema
Converter based on RELAX NG. The tool supports conversion between
several schema languages for XML, including RELAX NG (XML syntax),
RELAX NG compact syntax, XML 1.0 DTDs, and W3C XML Schema (XSD). With
one exception, Trang converts between any of these formats; W3C XML
Schema is supported for output only, not for input. As a schema
conversion tool, Trang has several unique features.

OASIS LegalXML Member Section Forms Lawful Intercept XML Technical
A new Lawful Intercept XML Technical Committee has been formed within
the OASIS LegalXML Member Section. The TC will produce a structured,
end-to-end LegalXML Lawful Interception Process framework consisting
of XML standards and authentication mechanisms, including the
development and harmonization of identifiable related XML standards
and XML translations of ASN.1 modules, including proprietary ones made
available in accordance with IPR policies.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Setting a Standard. [eWEEK Labs.]" By Cameron Sturdevant. In eWEEK
(January 27, 2003).,3959,848158,00.asp
"Berners-Lee: Keeping Faith. [eWEEK Labs.]" By Anne Chen and Tim
Berners-Lee. In eWEEK (January 27, 2003). On the changing role of
standards bodies.,3959,848191,00.asp
"Enterprises Seek Role in Standards. [eWEEK Labs.]" By Anne Chen. In
eWEEK (January 27, 2003).,3959,848262,00.asp
"E-Commerce Standard Plans Made Public." By Thor Olavsrud. In (January 28, 2003). UBL Schemas for Electronic Trade.
"BEA Seeks to Ease XML Development on Java. Hosted Service to Feature
XMLBeans Technology." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (January 27, 2003).
XMLBeans for a Java object-based view of XML data.
"Web Consortium Captures Captioning." By Paul Festa. In CNET
(January 24, 2003). W3C Charters a new Timed-Text Working Group
"Communication Interception Goes Global." By James Pearce. In ZDNet
News (January 24, 2003). OASIS LegalXML Lawful Intercept XML Technical
Committee (LI-XML).,,t269-s2129266,00.html
"Mobile P2P Messaging, Part 2: Develop Mobile Extensions to Generic
P2P Networks. Turn Mobile Devices Into JXTA and Jabber Clients." By
Michael Juntao Yuan (Research Associate, Center for Electronic
Commerce, University of Texas at Austin). From IBM developerWorks,
Wireless. January 2003.
"OASIS Enlists XML in War Against Terror." By Darryl K. Taft. In eWEEK
(January 23, 2003). Formation of the LegalXML Lawful Intercept XML
Technical Committee (LI-XML).,3959,842317,00.asp
"VorteXML Turns Data Into XML." By Timothy Dyck. In eWEEK (January 20,
2003). Review of VorteXML Server 1.0.,3959,837864,00.asp
"IBM's Long-Awaited Software Taps Data Integration Research." By Lisa
Vaas. In eWEEK (January 20, 2003). Xperanto and IBM's On Demand
Computing Initiative.,3959,838124,00.asp
"Introduction to XFML." By Peter Van Dijck. From January 22,
2003. XFML is a lightweight language for faceted metadata.
"Excel Reports with Apache Cocoon and POI." By Steve Punte. From January 22, 2003. How to generate Excel reports dynamically
with Apache Cocoon.
"Parsing RSS At All Costs." By Mark Pilgrim. From January 22,
2003. Explains how to handle even ill-formed RSS feeds, and provides a
sample parse-at-all-costs RSS parser.
"The Return of XML Hypertext." By Kendall Grant Clark. From
January 22, 2003. Report on the creation of a new mailing list focused
on the use of XML for hypertext.
"XML Technical Specification for Higher Education." Edited by Mike
Rawlins. With contributions from IMS Global Learning Consortium,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Miami-Dade Community College, Brown
University, and the US Department of Education. For the Postsecondary
Electronic Standards Council [Washington, DC, USA]. Working Draft
Version 2.1. August 2002. 54 pages.
"XML Developer Tool is Upgraded." By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (January
22, 2003). Altova's XML Development Tool, XMLSPY 5 Release 3.
"OASIS Offers XML Standards Clearinghouse." By Darryl K. Taft. In
eWEEK (January 22, 2003). Focus Areas.,3959,840927,00.asp
"Requirements for the Ink Markup Language." Edited by Yi-Min Chee
(IBM) and Sai Prasad (Intel). W3C Note 22-January-2003. First public
version. Latest version URL: Ink markup
will allow for the input and processing of handwriting, gestures,
sketches, music and other notational languages in web-based multimodal
"OpenGIS Catalog Services Specification." Edited by Douglas Nebert.
From Open GIS Consortium Inc. Version: 1.1.1. Date: 2002-12-13.
OpenGIS project document reference: OGC 02-087r3. Category: OpenGIS
Implementation Specification. 239 pages. Section 9.4 'Interface
Definition' (pages 88-94) supplies the XML encoding rules.
"SBC Tries to Enforce Patent on Frame-Like Browsing." By Grant Gross.
In InfoWorld (January 22, 2003).
"SBC Enforcing All-Encompassing Web Patent. You've been Framed." By
Kevin Murphy [ComputerWire]. In The Register (January 23, 2003).
Patents on the 'Structured Document Browser'.
"XML Schema for Simple Dublin Core Metadata."
"Updated IBM Lightweight Services Application."

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"BEA Systems Drives Convergence of Application Integration and
Application Development with BEA XMLBeans. Technology Innovation
Revolutionizes Java and XML Interoperability and Increases
Productivity for Java Developers."
"eBusinessReady Program Certifies 35 Software Products in First Year.
Program Launches Certification Seal and Website."
"OASIS Members to Create Framework for Global Sharing of Criminal and
Terrorist Evidence. XML Specification Will Deliver Reliable
Authentication and Auditing to Safeguard Privacy and Increase
Effectiveness of Lawful Intercepts."
"ADVANTYS Announces the Adoption of XPDL for its eFormGen Workflow
Management System."
"OASIS Launches Focus Areas for Insurance, Human Resources,
and Printing & Publishing. Online XML Clearinghouse Showcases Domain-
Specific Content Provided by ACORD, HR-XML, and IDEAlliance."
"Altova Simplifies XML Development Through Enhanced Support for
Microsoft .NET, Oracle XML DB, Web Services and Document Publishing in
XMLSPY 5 Release. New Features Further Demonstrate XMLSPY 5 is the
Most Comprehensive XML Development Environment for any XML-enabled
Software Project."
"ASC X12 and HR-XML Collaborate to Develop Common Data Standards in
XML Formats."
"OGC Approves Important Spatial Catalog Specification."

Selected references from the events calendar at:

DC-2003. Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Annual Conference.
"Supporting Communities of Discourse and Practice:  Metadata Research
and Applications."  September 29, 2003 - October 2, 2003.  Seattle,
Washington, USA.

Oxford CSW XML Summer School 2003.  July 27 - 31, 2003. Wadham
College, Oxford, UK.

W3C XForms Working Group Implementation Workshop.  February 27 - 28,
2003. Novell Office, Waltham, MA, USA.

EIDX/CompTIA Conference Winter 2003.  February 10 - 13, 2003. Silicon
Valley, California, USA.

O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference 2003. "Practical Tools
For Innovation." February 3 - 6, 2003. The Westin Horton Plaza, San
Diego, CA, USA.

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