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                        October 15, 2002

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Featured News Stories

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Storage Vendors Announce CIM Product Rollout and Joint
Interoperability Testing.
Four storage vendors have announced a coordinated effort dedicated to
the promotion and progress of SNIA's Common Information Model (CIM),
Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) technology, and SMI
specifications for Storage Area Network management. The DMTF CIM
specification defines the language and methodology for describing
management data; the CIM XML schema includes models for Systems,
Applications, Networks (LAN) and Devices.

ISDA Announces New FpML Working Groups for Energy and Validation.
ISDA has issued a call for participation in two new FpML working
groups. Financial Products Markup Language is an XML-based, freely
licensed, e-commerce standard supporting OTC trading of financial
derivatives. The energy working group will extend the FpML standard to
include energy derivatives; the validation working group will examine
the business rules for validating FpML and the technical
implementation of these business rules.

PayCircle Releases WSDL Specification Version 1.0 for Mobile Payment.
PayCircle has released the PayCircle Payment Web Service Specification
1.0 for public review. The specification contains WSDL sources, XML
schema definitions, and supporting documents, together with use case
scenarios. PayCircle is a vendor-independent non-profit organization;
its main focus is to accelerate the use of payment technology and to
develop or adopt open payment APIs based on XML, SOAP, Java, and other
Internet languages.

Microsoft 'XDocs' Office Product Supports Custom-Defined XML Schemas.
Microsoft officials have announced a new 'XDocs' Office product with
scheduled availablity in the middle of 2003. XDocs looks and feels
like a traditional word-processing program, but has the sophisticated
data-capture capabilities of a forms package. Built from the ground up
to work with XML, 'XDocs' can gather information that has been
generated from documents in which customers can define their own data
structures in XML schemas.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:

"Asynchronous Operations and Web Services, Part 3: Add Business
Semantics to Web Services. Three new specifications open a world
of e-business possibilities." By Holt Adams (Engagement Manager and
Solutions Architect, IBM jStart). From IBM developerWorks, Web
services. October 2002.
"Expedia Books Itself a Hotel Deal." By Troy Wolverton. In CNET (October 15, 2002).
"XML Canonicalization, Part 2." By Bilal Siddiqui. From
(October 09, 2002).
"Introducing [DOM] Mutation Events [for SVG]." By Antoine Quint.
From (October 09, 2002).
"Printing from XML: An Introduction to XSL-FO." By Dave Pawson. From (October 09, 2002).
"Web Services Architecture Requirements." Revised W3C Working Draft
11-October-2002. Edited by Daniel Austin (W. W. Grainger, Inc.), Abbie
Barbir (Nortel Networks, Inc.), Christopher Ferris (IBM), and Sharad
Garg (The Intel Corporation).
"IBM Recruits Friends for Storage Standard." By Stephen Shankland.
In CNET (October 15, 2002).
"Foursome Forms CIM, Bluefin Coalition." By Evan Koblentz. In eWEEK
(October 15, 2002).,3959,634513,00.asp
"Collaborative Commerce: Compelling Benefits, Significant Obstacles."
NerveWire white paper. June 2002. 32 pages.
"Netegrity Secures Web Services." By Richard Karpinski. In
InternetWeek (October 15, 2002).
"Plug a Swing-based Development Tool into Eclipse. How to Integrate a
Swing Editor into the Eclipse Platform." By Terry Chan (Software
engineer, IBM Canada Ltd). From IBM developerWorks, Open Source
Projects. October 2002.
"Iona Connects CORBA, Web Services." By Richard Karpinski. In
InternetWeek (October 15, 2002).
"Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version 1.0." W3C Working Draft
11-October-2002. Edited by RJ Auburn (Voxeo).
"Intel, Microsoft Dip into Speech with SALT." By Thor Olavsrud.
In (October 14, 2002).
"Deploying SALT Telephony Call Control on an e-Business Site."
By Glen Shires and Jim Trethewey (Intel). In Intel Developer Update
Magazine (July 2002). 8 pages.
"InterDo Protects SOAP-Based Web Services." By Dennis Fisher.
In eWEEK (October 14, 2002).,3959,634309,00.asp
"Exchanging Documents in XML Tuple Spaces." By Hans Hartman. In
Seybold Report: Analyzing Publishing Technology [ISSN: 1533-9211]
Volume 2, Number 13 (October 14, 2002).
"Consortium Aims to Boost Electronic Tax Filing." By Gretel Johnston.
In InfoWorld (October 11, 2002).
"New W3C Standards for XML Will Enhance Web Service Security." By Ray
Wagner and John Pescatore (Gartner Research). Gartner Research Note
FT-18-4797. 08-October-2002.
"Finding Your Way Through Web Service Standards: Will My Web Service
Work With Your Client? Understanding the Intricacies of SOAP." By
Jordi Albornoz (Software Engineer, Advanced Internet Technology, IBM).
From IBM developerWorks, Web services. October 2002.
"Progress in the VoiceXML Intellectual Property Licensing Debacle." By
Jonathan Eisenzopf (The Ferrum Group). From
October 2002.
"An Extensible Markup Language Schema for Call Processing Language
(CPL)." By Xiaotao Wu, Henning Schulzrinne, and Jonathan Lennox
(Department of Computer Science, Columbia University). Internet
Engineering Task Force (IETF), Internet Draft. Reference:
'draft-wu-cpl-schema-00.txt'. October 7, 2002, expires March 2003.
"Web Services-Based Specification For Mobile Payments Released."
By Paul Krill. In InfoWorld (October 09, 2002).
"Middleware 'Dark Matter'." By Steve Vinoski (Vice President of
Platform Technologies and Chief Architect , IONA Technologies). In
IEEE Distributed Systems Online [ISSN: 1541-4922] (September/October
"Managing Scientific Metadata Using XML." By Ruixin Yang, Menas
Kafatos, and X. Sean Wang (George Mason University). In IEEE Internet
Computing Volume 6, Number 4 (July/August 2002), pages 52-59.
"A Web-Based Scientific Data and Information Super Server With
Flexible XML Metadata Support." By Ruixin Yang, X. Sean Wang, Yixiang
Nie, Yujie Zhao, and Menas Kafatos (Center for Earth Observing and
Space Research - CEOSR, George Mason University). Extended abstract
prepared for The 19th International Conference on Interactive
Information Processing Systems (IIPS) for Meteorology, Oceanography,
and Hydrology.
"A Global Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration Repository
Is Unlikely Part of Web Services in Short Term, Says IDC." By [IDC
Staff]. Summary from IDC Bulletin #27838 "UDDI in the eMarketplace:
The Right Role for the Repository?," by Rob Hailstone (August 2002).
"Working XML: Use Eclipse to Build a User Interface for XM. Making
Improvements Based on Experience and User Feedback." By Benoît Marchal
(Consultant, Pineapplesoft). From IBM developerWorks, XML zone.
October 2002.
"ITxpo: Ballmer Unveils Plans For New Office App." By Ed Scannell. In
InfoWorld (October 09, 2002).
"Microsoft Adds XDocs to Office Family." By Peter Galli and Mary Jo
Foley. In eWEEK (October 09, 2002).,3959,609994,00.asp

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:

"Intel and Microsoft Collaborate on Development of Speech Application
Language Tags (SALT)-based Speech-Enabled Web Solutions. Initiative to
Bring Microsoft and Intel Speech Software and Hardware Technologies to
Enterprise and Channel Customers."
"Leaders in the Emergency Management Industry Form EXML Consortium to
Establish Interoperability Standards."
"Netegrity Addresses Web Services Security With Release of
TransactionMinder. Enables Companies to Use Web Services to Unlock and
Integrate Mission Critical Applications For Internal Users and
External Partners."
"Iona's New Corba Connect Program Offers Seamless Corba to Web
Services Migration. New Software, Services, and Training Package
Enables Customers To Tap Existing CORBA Solutions with Web Services
for Improved Collaboration, New Business Initiatives and Greater
Operational Efficiency."
"Cape Clear Announces Web Services Integration for SWIFT Financial
"KaVaDo Makes SOAP & WebServices Safe With Launch of New Security
Module. Emerging Web Technologies Secured by Web Application
Protection Product, InterDo."
"Microsoft Certifies The Vanguard Group as First to Deliver Account
Data Via XML-Compliant OFX Specification. Leading Investment
Management Firm Embraces Connectivity Standard to Offer Clients Mutual
Fund and Brokerage Account Information in Microsoft Money."
"ISDA Issues Call for Participation for FpML Energy and Validation
Working Groups. Schedules Fall FpML Conferences."
"XML 2002 to Bring Industry and Standards Together. Leading IT
Organizations and Consortia to Participate and Collaborate on XML
Conference and Exposition 2002 Program."
"Communicator Inc Enables Identity Management Service with SAML
Standard. Security Assertions Markup Language Capability Enables
Faster Implementation of Single Sign-on."

XML Conference and Exposition 2002. "XML 2002: Putting the Pieces
Together."  December 8 - 13, 2002. The Baltimore Convention Center,
Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
W3C Workshop on the Future of P3P.  November 12 - 13, 2002.  Dulles
Campus of America Online, Dulles, VA, USA.
DocEng '02. ACM Symposium on Document Engineering.  November 8 - 9,
2002. Tysons Westpark Hotel, McLean, Virginia, USA.
ELPUB 2002. Sixth International Conference on Electronic Publishing.
November 6 - 8, 2002.  Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

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