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                      Cover Pages Newsletter
                          August 06, 2002
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Featured News Stories
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RosettaNet and Uniform Code Council Inc. (UCC) Announce Merger
A merger between RosettaNet and the UCC (Uniform Code Council) has
been announced by the two entities as a strategic partnership which
will advance B2B integration in the marketplace and help strengthen
standards adoption across multiple industries. The UCC's XML-based
business processes align with RosettaNet's strong business process
standards development and global implementation strategy. RosettaNet
will become a subsidiary of the UCC.

W3C Publishes Working Draft on Web Services Architecture Usage
W3C's Web Services Architecture Working Group has published an
initial Working Draft specification for 'Web Services Architecture
Usage Scenarios'. The document supplies a categorized collection of
some forty (40) usage scenarios and use cases which illustrate the
use of Web services, and which are used to generate requirements for
the Web services architecture, as well as to evaluate existing

Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) for Pharmaceutical
Regulatory Information
The ICH Multi-disciplinary Group 2 (M2) Expert Working Group (EWG)
is developing an XML-based specification governing electronic
submission of pharmaceutical regulatory information. A version 1.0
XML DTD and version 2.0 Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD)
specification have been published. eCTD provides the ability to
transfer the registration application electronically from industry
to a regulatory authority.

W3C Web Ontology Working Group Releases Working Drafts for OWL
Semantic Markup Language
Three working drafts on 'OWL' have been published by the W3C's Web-
Ontology Working Group (WebOnt). OWL is a semantic markup language
for publishing and sharing ontologies on the Web. It is derived from
the DAML+OIL Web Ontology Language and builds upon RDF. OWL
facilitates greater machine readability of web content than XML,
RDF, and RDF-S support by providing an additional vocabulary for
term descriptions.

IDEAlliance Announces XML Book Industry Transaction Standards
Working Group (XBITS)
IDEAlliance has announced the formation of a standards working group
called XBITS (XML Book Industry Transaction Standards) representing
a group of major book publishers, printers, paper mills, and
component vendors. The goal of XBITS is to design XML-based
transactions to facilitate bi-directional electronic data exchanges
within the book manufacturing supply chain through the application
of the papiNet development process.

ACM Workshop on XML Security
The 2002 ACM Workshop on XML Security will be held November 22, 2002
in Fairfax VA, USA. The workshop will address security problems
faced by users developing XML-based applications, Web services, and
security middleware for XML. Topics include specific security
features (digital signatures, element-wise encryption, access
control of XML documents) and XML-based infrastructure such as Web
services and XML databases.

Selected Articles and Papers
Selections of abstracted and annotated articles/clippings at:
"Oracle Goes XML." By Timothy Dyck. In eWEEK (August 02, 2002).,3959,431788,00.asp
Core Range Algebra: Toward a Formal Model of Markup." By Gavin Nicol
(Red Bridge Interactive, Inc.). Presented at the Extreme Markup
Languages Conference 2002, Montreal.
"RosettaNet Merges With UCC." By Heather Harreld. In InfoWorld
(August 05, 2002).
"Office Gets Its XML Groove." By Mark Jones and Heather Harreld.
In InfoWorld (August 02, 2002).
Extreme Papers on Multiple (Overlapping, Concurrent) Hierarchies.
"Using XInclude." By Elliotte Rusty Harold. From
July 31, 2002.
"Not My Type: Sizing Up W3C XML Schema Primitives." By Amelia Lewis.
From July 31, 2002.
"XML to Relational Conversion using Theory of Regular Tree
Grammars." By Murali Mani and Dongwon Lee. In Proceedings of the
VLDB Workshop on Efficiency and Effectiveness of XML Tools, and
Techniques (EEXTT), Hong Kong, China, August 2002.
"NeT and CoT: Translating Relational Schemas to XML Schemas Using
Semantic Constraints." By Dongwon Lee, Murali Mani, Frank Chiu, and
Wesley. W. Chu. Paper prepared for VLDB 2002 (28th International
Conference on Very Large Data Bases).
"RELAX NG: The Power Is in the Patterns." By Tom Gaven. In XML
Journal, Volume 3, Issue 7 (July 2002).
"The Next Generation Database - XDB." By Greg Mable. In XML Journal
Volume 3, Issue 6 (June 2002).
"Data Mining Standards Initiatives." By Robert L. Grossman, Mark F.
Hornick, and Gregor Meyer. In Communications of the ACM (CACM),
Volume 45, Issue 8 (August 2002), pages 59-61.
"Concepts and Requirements for XML Network Configuration." By
Margaret Wasserman (Wind River). IETF Internet-Draft. Reference:
"OASIS LegalXML Member Section Electronic Court Filing Technical
Committee Draft." Electronic Court Filing Version 1.1. Proposed
Standard. Version Date: 12-July-2002.
Proceedings of the Workshop on Knowledge Transformation for the
Semantic Web. KTSW 2002. Workshop W7 at the 15th European Conference
on Artificial Intelligence. 23-July-2002, Lyon, France. 121 pages.
"W3C Hails Semantic Web, Web Services Usage Scenarios." By Paul
Krill. In InfoWorld (July 31, 2002).
"Briefing Book: Inside UDDI." By Richard Karpinski. In InternetWeek
(July 31, 2002).
"SIL Three-letter Codes for Identifying Languages: Migrating From
In-House Standard to Community Standard." By Gary F. Simons (SIL
International). ISO Reference: ISO/TC 37/SC 2/WG 1 N 94.
"OASIS Steps Up Web-Services Work." By [Seybold Staff]. In The
Bulletin: Seybold News and Views On Electronic Publishing,
Volume 7, Number 44 (July 31, 2002).
"Adventures in High-Performance XML Persistence, Part 1.
A High-Performance TCL-scripted XSLT Engine." By Cameron Laird.
From IBM developerWorks, XML Zone. July 2002.
Software to Convert Relational Databases to XML.
Resource Model Composer from IBM alphaWorks.

Selected from the Press
Selected references for abstracted and annotated industry news at:
"NACS Brings Convenience Stores to OASIS UBL Liaisons."
"The Mind Electric Announces Glue 3.0 Web Services Platform,
Delivering 'the Power of Java, the Simplicity of .NET' to Enterprise
Software Development."
"Aspect Communications Announces First IP-based Self-Service with
VXML. Aspect Continues to Prove Customer Service Benefits of
Converged Network by Enabling New Types of Voice Self-Service
"Vignette Joins Web Services Interoperability Organization. Vignette
Supports Effort to Establish Greater Compatibility of Web Services
Across Technologies and Applications.",2097,1-1-30-72-407-3694,00.html
Leveraging XML for Pharmaceutical R&D Information Exchange.
November 18 - 19, 2002. The Ritz-Carlton, Tyson Corner, McLean,
W3C Workshop on Device Independent Authoring Techniques.
September 25 - 26, 2002. SAP University, St. Leon-Rot
[near Heidelberg], Germany.
OASIS/W3C Forum on Security Standards for Web Services. August 26,
2002.  With the XML Web Service One Conference, Boston, MA, USA.
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