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Next Generation Content Management System Builds on New Standard to Make Information Sharing Easy

Vancouver, B.C.-January 27, 1998-NCompass Labs, a leading developer of Web-based business solutions, today announced at Internet Showcase '98 that NCompass Resolution™, its next generation content management system, will support dynamic generation of XML-based content to make information sharing easier among users of organizational intranets and extranets.

"XML will do for structured data what HTML did for documents, by making data portable across applications, including browsers and desktop applications like spreadsheets and OLAP tools," said Kerem Karatal, Director of Technology at NCompass Labs. "NCompass Resolution provides the framework to serve the structured data hidden inside HTML documents to any of these XML-capable applications."

XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is a simplified subset of SGML that makes it easier to define specialized document types. According to Forrester Research, Inc., Cambridge MA, "XML will become the means by which disparate systems-like content tools, databases, and packaged apps-communicate their content. Using this lingua franca, developers will meld rich content, structured data, and transactions into powerful experiences." (Interactive Technology Strategies, Brief, "Markup Language Acronym Soup", November 26, 1997.)

About NCompass Resolution™

NCompass Resolution is a next generation content management system that allows knowledge workers to maximize the value and meaningfulness of information by giving them control over the way content is structured, presented, and shared on intranets, extranets, and the Internet. The Resolution framework, based entirely on industry standards, makes Web content management open, flexible, and easy.


NCompass Resolution is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 1998. NCompass Labs is currently in the process of qualifying potential beta sites, resellers, integrators and strategic partners.

About NCompass Labs

NCompass Labs is a leader in developing comprehensive and innovative business solutions based on industry-standard Web technology. With a strong track record in setting new technological directions, NCompass allows its customers to use their intranet, extranet, and Internet Web sites to realize significant social and competitive advantage.

For more information about Resolution and other NCompass Labs products, visit http://www.ncompasslabs.com.

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