Woman Suffrage Collection: Technical Note on Texts

This full text collection provides researchers with an SGML-encoded (Standard Generalized Markup Language) version of the full text in addition to an HTML-encoded version of the same text. [For more info on SGML see the SGML Web Page]

SGML text is more fully encoded to allow more points of access and easier navigation of long documents. SGML viewers provide additional search and navigation tools.

SGML is not suported by standard WWW browsers. At this time, the only freely available viewer for SGML is Panorama for Windows by SoftQuad. The viewer is not yet available for other platforms (look to Softquad's Panorama Free page for updates). Note that Panorama Free does not support printing or downloading. You must purchase Panorama Pro to obtain these features.

The transcriptions are more than 99 percent accurate. Researchers who wish to compare these transcriptions with the originals can refer to the microfilm version of this collection or to the original pamphlets at the Library of Congress. The microfilm carries the number 90/3001 and is available from the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service. Of course, copies of some of the pamphlets will be found in a number of libraries and other collections.

Images of the pages and illustrations can be accessed by a viewer launched from Panorama. TIFF (Group 4) and PCX images are not yet supported by Panorama. In order to view these images an external viewer must be configured. You may download any viewer that supports these formats (such as Docuview) and configure Panorama for each format and its appropriate viewer. More infromation about image viewers.

To Configure Panorama to Launch Image Viewers:

  1. Download and install an image viewer that supports TIFF Group 3, TIFF Group 4, and PCX.
  2. Download and install PanoramaFree or PanoramaPro
  3. Open an ASCII editor such as Windows Notepad.
  4. Open the file setup which can be found in the directory that contains Panorama's program files, e.g., c:\panorama. (This file has no extension.)
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the file.
  6. Add the following lines:
    entity tif
       launch "c:\dv\docuview.exe \file"
    entity pcx
       launch "c:\dv\docuview.exe \file"
    entity jpg
       launch "c:\dv\docuview.exe \file"
    If you have installed Docuview in a directory on the c: drive called "dv", then you can use the above lines exactly. Otherwise, substitute the appropriate path for c:\dv\docuview.exe.

am 02-27-96