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Multidoc Pro® Product Brief

SGML browser on-the fly



Multidoc Pro -- SGML Browser Concept

The Data Processing Model

Multiple documents and multiple document views


Search Tool

Style Sheet Editor

Document Sets

Document Set Navigator

Document Set Instance

Summary of key features

  • Parses and displays any SGML fragments on-the-fly
  • Renders tables (also CALS table model) and equations
  • Prints document and document sets, or portions of document and document sets using any style sheet with headers and footers
  • Scrollbars, navigators, and link navigation
  • Text and hot spot selection
  • Navigator expand/collapse feature with dynamic table of contents, and navigator displaying document set and SGML tree
  • Show tag option to display markup
  • Preferences panels
  • Icon based subview
  • User specific annotations and bookmarks
  • Graphics in-line and zoom window launching
  • Pixel graphic formats such as JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, CCITT g4 etc.
  • Vector graphic formats such as WMF, CGM and EPS
  • In-line video (formats supported by local drivers e.g. AVI, QTW and MPEG)
  • Supports external viewer launching
  • HTML and URL support
  • Support of HyTime linking
  • Search widgets for full text and context search
  • Style editor tool for creating your own style sheets for any DTD
  • Navigator editor and web editor
  • Document sets (used for electronic publishing)
  • Multiple documents and multiple document views
  • Supported Platforms

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