SGML: Free Soft: MtStr - Multilingual string library

SGML: Free Soft: MtStr - Multilingual string library

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Subject:      Free Soft: MtStr - Multilingual string library
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                  MtStr - Multilingual string library

MtStr is a C library for UN*X developed in the context of the MULTEXT
project, which extends the usual functions provided in the C character
and string ctype and string libraries, in order to accommodate
multi-lingual text processing. MtStr is designed especially for texts
encoded using SGML. It offers the following capabilities:

   * it extends functions such as isupper, strcmp, strtok, etc., to
     handle several different character sets as well as SGML entities;
   * it offers additional functions for translation between different
     character sets and/or SGML entities;
   * it extends functions such as isupper, islower, etc., to handle
     characters with diacritics;
   * it provides means to handle different lexicographic orderings;
   * it provides functions for conversion between character classes
     (e.g., between the accented and unaccented versions of a given
     character, etc.);
   * it handles both fixed-width character sets (in which all characters
     have the same byte size) and variable-width character sets (in
     which characters may have different byte sizes);

MtStr internally maps all characters to Unicode/ISO 10646. The functions
are table-driven and can therefore be easily customized to handle
modification or additional character sets, as needed.

Source code and documentation can be freely downloaded for
non-commencial, non-military use (see our user agreement) from:

Note that MtStr is an alpha version with bugs and limitations. It is
being distributed "as is" in order to solicit feedback. We invite the
user community to send comments and advice, provide additional tables,

Jean Ve'ronis
Multext project