SGML: MtRecode - Character conversion program

SGML: MtRecode - Character conversion program

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                  MtRecode - Character conversion program

MtRecode is a program for translation between various character sets,
developed in the framework of the MULTEXT project. It has some of the
functionality of the GNU `recode' tool, but it is based on different
principles and is oriented towards SGML text manipulation. ISO 10646 is
used internally as a pivot in the character translation process. When
exact translation into a character is not possible, MtRecode can use
SGML entities as a fallback. Conversely, MtRecode understands SGML
entities in the input and can recode them into characters of the target
character sets, if they exist. MtRecode is completely customizable: the
user can add new character sets and/or entities by providing tables that
map characters and entities to ISO 10646.

C source code for UN*X platforms and documentation can be freely
downloaded for non-commercial, non-military use (see our user agreement)

Note that MtRecode is an alpha version with (probable) bugs and
limitations. It is being distributed "as is" in order to solicit
feedback. We invite the user community to send comments and advice,
provide additional character tables, etc.

Jean Ve'ronis
Multext project