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Netscape's Mozilla.Org Releases Additional Source Code to Developers, Including Xml Parser and Technical Preview Version of Next-Generation Layout Engine

Source Code Receives Overwhelming Response From Developers, With More Than 200,000 Copies Downloaded in the First Two Weeks

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (April 16, 1998) -- Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ:NSCP) today announced that it has made additional source code for the developer release of Communicator 5.0 available through the mozilla.org web site, including an advanced XML parser and a technical preview of the next-generation layout engine. Released two weeks ago, the early developer release of the Communicator 5.0 source code has already received overwhelming support from the developer community. To date, there have been more than 100,000 downloads of the source code from mozilla.org alone, and an estimated 100,000 downloads from more than 100 mirror sites located around the world. In addition, 24 hours after the source code was released on March 31, the first change was checked in to mozilla.org by a developer.

"Since Netscape made its Communicator 5.0 source code available through mozilla.org two weeks ago, we have received an overwhelmingly positive and welcoming response from developers around the world," said Tom Paquin, Netscape fellow managing mozilla.org. "This excitement is demonstrated not only by the number of downloads we've experienced, but by the number of developers who have shown a strong interest in taking the code, adding changes and enhancements and posting it back to mozilla.org in record time. This strong interest is a clear indication that this process works.
And by delivering quality products that customers demand, the true winner will be the end user."

The addition of an advanced XML parser to the Netscape Communicator 5.0 source code managed by mozilla.org was announced this week at C/Net's builder.com conference in San Francisco, California. Developed by James Clark, the technical lead of the XML working group at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and one of the original creators of XML, the parser, code-named "Expat," is widely regarded by the XML community as the most advanced parser available today. Internet content developers who want to begin XML development can now do so using Netscape's next-generation client software. The inclusion of Clark's XML parser in the mozilla source code represents the first major addition from an independent third-party software developer to the code since its release last month.

The technical preview of the next-generation layout engine included in today's source code release features a next-generation architecture which is designed to achieve superior performance. This layout engine will eventually include full open support of HTML 4.0, the W3C DOM, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), XML, and Resource Description Framework (RDF). Designed so that it can be embedded in other applications, its open and extensible architecture enables third parties to add to and extend the capabilities of the layout engine. Today's release of source code is available by accessing www.mozilla.org. In addition, more information outlining the client software direction and source code strategy is available at http://home.netscape.com/communicator. The mozilla.org Web site is sponsored by DevEdge Online, Netscape's dedicated developer technical resource that provides the information needed to plan, develop, deploy and market Web applications, Web sites, intranets and extranets based on the Netscape platform. Developers can get more information on DevEdge by accessing http://developer.netscape.com.

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