Modular DocBook Stylesheets, 0.94 and 0.6

From  Wed Nov 12 16:38:00 1997
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Modular DocBook Stylesheets, 0.94 and 0.6


As threatened, I've greatly reorganized the Modular DocBook
Stylesheets (both print and HTML).  I've also done some
productive things.  Please try them and report back.

Here's an asciified copy of the print stylesheet changelog.

The changes between 0.93 and 0.94 are so extensive that it would
be difficult to document them in detail.  All of the files in
this distribution have been updated to have a version number of

My primary goal in making these changes was to build a common
library of code for both the print and HTML stylesheets. To
achieve this goal, a great deal of code was moved around and

What follows is a short list of the more dramatic changes:

This style sheet now relies on the common dblib.dsl and
dbcommon.dsl libraries.

Changed formatting of division, component, and section titles
>From "passive" to "active". Rather than relying on a rule for
(element TITLE) to process the titles, the rules that process
the actually element wrappers now process the titles. This
allows optional titles to be formatted correctly.

Added support for Subtitles in many places.

Added support for SimpleLists

Added support for GlossSee and GlossSeeAlso.

Made most cross-references into "links" in the RTF.

Christian Wallgren contributed support for horizontal alignment
in table cells.

Lots of other little bug fixes.

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