Technical Specification Sheet

Microsoft® SGML Author for Word

SGML Author Technical Specifications

SGML Category      SGML Author Capacity                     


Attributes         Attributes are handled using Word's      
                   Private Fields which are designed to     
                   store information that does not appear   
                   in the document.  This enables SGML     
                   Author users to insert Attributes into   
                   the text stream without having to view   
                   them unless they want to.                

Entity References  SGML Author supports Entity References   
                   as long as they are defined correctly    
                   in the DTD and the user enters the       
                   appropriate Parameter Entity in the      
                   document text stream.                    

ID/IDRef Pairs     SGML Author automatically converts       
                   Bookmarks to ID Attributes and Ref       
                   Fields to IDRefs.                        

OLE Objects and    OLE Objects and Pictures can be saved    
Pictures           as *.CGM or *.WMF graphic files, or      
                   they can be saved out as binary files    
                   that Word can retrieve later.            

Tables             SGML Author supports a subset of the     
                   CALS table model based on Word's table   

International      SGML Author supports international       
Characters         characters defined in the ISO character  
                   entity sets.  All glyphs in the ANSI     
                   character set above 127, the Zapf        
                   Dingbats, WingDings, and Symbol fonts,   
                   and some glyphs that are part of the     
                   Reference Concrete Syntax are turned     
                   into character entities.                 

Equations          SGML Author converts to and from the     
                   ISO standard (ISO/IEL TR 9573-11:1992E)  
                   for representing equations as SGML.      
                   You can also choose to export equations  
                   as OLE Objects.                          

Mark-up            SGML Author supports SHORTTAG, OMITTAG,  
Minimization       SHORTREF on import and exports them as   
                   fully normalized SGML.  Datatag and      
                   rank are not supported by SGML Author.   

Marked Sections    SGML Author imports marked sections      
                   based on whether they are marked as      
                   'Included' or  'Ignored'.  SGML Author   
                   does not export marked sections because  
                   Word does not support conditional text.  

Direct Formatting  All mark-up in Word documents must use   
                   either Paragraph styles, or for inner    
                   paragraph mark-up, Character styles.     
                   All direct formatting is ignored.        

Multiple DTD's     SGML Author can be configured to work    
                   with any DTD using point-and-click       

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