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XML World '98

HULL, QUEBEC, CANADA - September 15th, 1998 -- Microstar Software Ltd. of Nepean, ON and Princeton, NJ today announced the release of FastTAG 3.0, a smart conversion tool which allows content managers to create both new content and retrofit existing information, regardless of format, into a common Content Management System (CMS).

Microstar secured the exclusive development and marketing rights to FastTAG from Interleaf Inc. of Waltham, MA, as part of a far-reaching product and service partnership jointly announced by the two companies eight months ago.

FastTAG conversion technology provides the following significant benefits as part of a Content Management System solution - increased productivity; reusable information; protection of information accuracy and protection of technology investment against obsolescence.

We've made some pretty big alterations to FastTAG!

Several new features of FastTAG include: new operating platforms - Windows« 95, 98 and NT; new easy-to-use Graphical User Interface; high performance 32-bit architecture; built-in Project Management environment, enhanced Messaging and Error Reporting, Text Editor and Y2K compliance. Additionally, FastTAG can handle a broad range of file formats, including ASCII, Word, Frame, InterLeaf and WordPerfect. FastTAG lets users convert existing corporate data to SGML and XML with a unique Visual Recognition Engine which will recognize, decipher and convert inconsistently styled documents - the most common and expensive problem when converting legacy information.

FastTAG first interprets input file formats, extracting content based on visual attributes, regular expressions or style, then prepares the segregated information from the input file for output in the required format - usually XML or SGML-tagged content, with the absolute minimum of intervention from human administrators. The result is the elimination of re-keying errors, the reduction in manual tagging time by as much as 95%, and the creation of highly reusable information.

"In converting large amounts of information, content managers want and need to be as productive as possible", said Peter Jordan, President and CEO at Microstar. "Our goal with FastTAG, a goal I think we reached, was to provide a powerful but easy-to-use tool which can quickly unify a corporation's knowledge assets in a single format. FastTAG is ideal, for example, for working with tables, graphs, and illustrations in anything from memos to multi-volume manuals and publications."

FastTAG is targeted at organizations with large information storehouses including government departments and corporations in the finance, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, health care and advanced technology sectors. The installed base of over 1,000 organizations with previous editions of FastTAG is included in this list.

Richard E. Parker, Manager - Information Engineering at ARINC Incorporated, a leading defense contractor who beta-tested FastTAG version 3.0, concluded, "FastTAG is a powerful, efficient tool for increasing the value of corporate information assets." During the FastTAG training courses, Parker was impressed with FastTAG's ability to easily port information to and from databases, "In one case, an automotive supply company was able to convert an aging parts inventory system to a new Oracle-based one. In two days, FastTAG parsed the tabular data from over 25,000 data sheets (mostly contained in old Epson printer files) and created Oracle SQL scripts."

Pricing & Availability

FastTAG version 3.0 is immediately available by calling Microstar Telesales Department toll free at 1-800-267-9975 or simply fax us your order form at (613) 596-5934, Attention: Sales Department. Pricing is $3,500 (US) per copy. As part of an exclusive introductory offer, order FastTAG version 3.0 directly from Microstar before October 30th, 1998, and you will pay only $1,750 (US) per copy... that's a 50% savings off the regular price. Attendees at XML World '98 are invited to visit the Microstar booth #141 where they can see FastTAG in action.

About Microstar Software Ltd.

Microstar Software Ltd. provides Content Management System solutions comprised of technology and services for Global 2000 companies. These solutions enable Microstar's customers to effectively and economically create, manage and distribute their corporate knowledge assets. The company is recognized for its innovative standards-based solutions based on SGML and XML. Microstar's technology expertise includes the development of XML and SGML tools such as Near & Far« Designer, FastTAG« and the Ălfred XML parser. The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE:MSS). Information about Microstar Software Ltd. is available on the World Wide Web at www.microstar.com.

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