Microsoft SGML at Seybold


From Thu Aug 25 13:16:49 1994
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Subject: SGMLNW: Microsoft SGML at Seybold



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Attached below is a "sneak preview" of a joint product
announcement at Seybold San Francisco.  Interested editors
attending Seybold are invited to stop by the booth to find out
more and catch a demo!  Avalanche will be located at booth #3705
as well as in the Microsoft booth.  Contact Linda Turner, the
SGML Newswire list manager, to receive a free VIP pass to the

   Avalanche Development Company is focusing on two new
   offerings at this year's Seybold San Francisco.  The
   first is a set of products and services specially
   designed to work with Microsoft's new SGML product.
   Avalanche's product, called SureSTYLE, is a tool that
   allows users to ensure that their Word documents make
   rigorous, complete use of styles according to chosen

   Many companies today use Word as an authoring tool for
   enterprise-wide publishing.  These companies need to
   ensure that Word is used in the structured and
   style-constrained fashion required for document reuse
   across an enterprise.  SureSTYLE enables this process by
   giving companies and authors an automatic way of making
   the transition from the typical use of Word to this more
   rigorous, enterprise-centered use.  SureSTYLE will be
   critically important to companies wanting to move legacy
   collections of Word documents into SGML and into
   electronic delivery.

   Avalanche is also announcing the Avalanche Author
   Assistant for Word package, which bundles SureSTYLE with
   training and services to ensure the successful
   implementation of the new Microsoft Word SGML solution
   wherever it is adopted.  Avalanche's new companion
   products for Word will be featured at the Avalanche
   station in the Microsoft booth.

   The second set of products and services addresses the
   more general problem of document reuse, whether the
   documents are authored in Word, WordPerfect, or
   Interleaf.  For years Avalanche has been selling its
   FastTAG conversion software to a wide variety of
   customers who are moving toward electronic as well as
   paper-based distribution of information.  This kind of
   multiple use of documents is much more manageable when
   customers can deal with the documents' fundamental
   components and structure, rather than just the final
   printed form.
   FastTAG has always been the tool of choice for this kind of
   work.  At this year's Seybold Avalanche is introducing
   version 2.0 of the product, which differs greatly from the
   first version in its ability to be embedded in other user
   applications.  Version 2.0 also provides a new "run time"
   tool that makes FastTAG available and affordable as part of
   enterprise-wide conversion solutions.  At its booth on the
   show floor Avalanche will be showcasing version 2.0's
   capabilities with FastTAG applications.  These applications
   produce SGML and prepare documents for electronic
   distribution, including distribution on the World Wide Web
   using Mosaic.

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