Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml
From: carolmar@microsoft.com (Carol Mar)
Subject: Looking for Beta Testers
Date: 02 Apr 93 03:21:04 GMT
Organization: Microsoft Corp.
Distribution: na


Microsoft is looking for people willing to beta test a new product and we 
are looking for people who may be interested.  If you are a Word for 
Windows user, have a computer that could access compuserve, and some 
time, we want to hear from you.

The first beta will be very small, we are looking for people who are willing 
to spend time configuring our product for their DTDs.  You would have to 
be willing to sign a Non-discolsure agreement as well as send us some of 
your files.  In return, we will promise to keep any information (names, 
companies, files) strictly confidential.

If you are interested write to Carolmar@microsoft.com with your name, 
address (email and geographical), as well as what you do.  The first beta will 
be limited so we will be judicious in our choice of sites.  The next beta will 
be a wider distribution.