Metastructures 1999

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Subject:  Metastructures 1999

GCA Metastructures 1999

Call for Paper and Tutorial Proposals

August 17-18, 1999
Co-chairs: Carla Corkern and Steve Newcomb

The Graphic Communications Association (GCA) invites you to participate in the sixth annual Metastructures conference, which is one event in a set that includes the perennial XML Developers' Conference and various OASIS functions. It's our community's relaxed, summertime opportunity to get away and talk plainly about things that really matter to information owners and users, and their advisers and system integrators.

Paper and tutorial proposals are due on or before Friday, May 21, 1999. They should be addressed to:

For more information:

[Venue: Le Centre Sheraton, Montréal, Québec, Canada]


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